[The Perfect Stash] Skin Care

With my Kaufstop came also the necessity to figure out what I really need and what is either a gimmick or a special (unnecessary) extra. This poses a massive problem for me in the color make up department but with skin care it is relatively easy. Below I accumulated all the products that I deem necessary to keep my skin healthy. My skin is combination dry/very oily and blemish prone. I came up with a slot system. That means, I need all the product groups below, the actual products may get switched out every now and again though, but at the moment I am very happy with what I have. I am not a skin care expert, by no means at all, this is just what I worked out for myself.
Let’s dig into this:

Step 1: Cleansing

Morning cleanser:
For the morning I prefer a light, gentle-ish cleanser. Something that is not too abrasive. I do want to remove the night oils and sweats but I don’t want to go to town with my skin. Because my skin is blemish prone and works best with salicylic acid I like for this to be a component in my cleaning products.

At the moment I am using a Synergen deep clean gel cleanser.

Nighttime cleanser:
At night I like to go for a double cleanse, especially when I’ve worn make up throughout the day. To remove my make up I like cream cleansers or milks. At the moment I am using the Rival de Loop Make Up remover balm. Dirt cheap and gets everything off. Another good one is the bebe young care cleansing milk+toner for dry and sensitive skin.

For my second cleanse I am going in with a creamy exfoliator. I quite like having a physical exfoliator and my skin really likes it, too. The best one I have tried so far is the anti-blackhead one from Neutrogena. I always come back to this one. I need a second one though because I’ve got the feeling that these creamy exfoliators seem to stop working on me after a while, which means after I finished one up I want to rotate in a new one but I haven’t found one yet that I liked (or liked as much as the Neutrogena one)

Step 2: Toning

I do that day and night after cleansing. It seems to refresh and soothe my skin while being an extra cleansing step. At the moment I am using the essence Clear Skin toner again with salicylic acid. It leaves my skin clean but lightly moisturized. I also got a little sample of the La Roche-Posay Effaclar toner at my pharmacy and quite like this one as well. I hope the sample means that the toner will be available soon in Germany. Fingers crossed.

Step 3: Moisturizing

Day creams:
My holy grail day cream is the Diadermine Lift+SPF 30. It keeps my skin moisturized and healthy while it also helps to protect my skin and gives it a healthy glow.It is not overly heavy though, and the sun screen doesn’t clog my pores. I apply this every morning before leaving the house. I don’t sweat under this cream, which is a big pet peeve of mine.

My second day cream is a Garnier Hautklar moisturizer for blemish prone skin. It is very lightweight and contains salicylic acid. Why two day time moisturizers? Some days I like to cleanse my face the second I come home (because I have a miniature Caroline Hirons in my ear telling me to do so. Wouldn’t that be nice? A pocket-size Caroline Hirons for everyone? Sass and skincare knowledge and everything? [My imagination is slightly disturbing sometimes, sorry]). In those cases I don’t want to put my heavy duty sunscreen on again, I’d rather have something really really lightweight and that is where the Garnier moisturizer comes in. I am aware that this one is dancing on a very thin ridge between luxury and necessity.

Night cream:
For one I am a complete night cream convert. The difference I see in my skin when I use one as opposed to not using one or using a day cream is blatant. I am currently using the Diadermine Lift+Nutrition Night which is targeted at dry skins but mine loves it nonetheless. It drinks it right up but there is still a light layer over my skin, which I quite like at night because it feels to me like there is real protection going on. When I wake up in the morning my skin is clear, plump and completely devoid of redness and it helps to heal spots when I have some going on. I had similar results with the L’Oréal Hydra Active night cream but so far I like the Diadermine better.

Eye cream(s):
At the moment I am using a deluxe sample of the Clarins Eye Contour Balm at night and the Rival de Loop moisturizing cream gel in the morning. At the moment I don’t know what I will do once I run out of the Clarins sample. The cream gel I will definitely repurchase, because it is really hydrating and refreshing on my skin. I don’t think I will repurchase the Clarins though, because it doesn’t seem to do anything for my eye area other than moisturizing it. I may get a richer eye cream for night time, though because I quite like the thought of having something rich and replenishing for the night.

Step 4: Extras

I try to do a face mask once a week at the moment especially when I have PMS skin. In those moments I like deep cleansing and soothing masks. At the moment I have three or four different ones in these little saches in my stash. I just cycle through those and replace them when they are on offer in my local drugstore. I don’t consider them an essential but they are really nice to have every now and again.

Cleansing wipes:
And here is something else that is not really necessary but nice to have. I am loving the Lacura wipes with salicylic acid (seriously, how many times have I typed salicylic acid in this post? -.-) I use them very rarely to remove my make up at night when I am really tired (miniature!Caroline Hirons slaps my wrist) but normally I use them to freshen up throughout the day when I am not wearing make up. Lovely in the summer!

Now here’s the rundown of my perfect skincare stash:

Necessary products:

1x light cleanser
1x make up remover
1x heavy duty cleanser

1x toner

1x day cream+sunscreen
1x extremely lightweight day cream
1x night cream

1x eye cream
(1x night eye cream)

+face wipes

What’s your perfect stash skincare- wise? Any holy grail products?

Products I regret buying September 2014

I know, I know, negativity and such, but sometimes you have to address those things. Especially when they are as annoying as this trio but let’s start:

Photo 05-10-2014 22 45 50

So a while ago I got sick and tired of my shimmery Maybelline Color Tattoo as a base and I craved something matte. I remembered that I still had an essence I <3 Stage schadow base, which albeit not having the staying power of the Color Tattoo still does a fine job at creating an even base for my eyeshadows.
The problems began when I ran out of my I <3 Stage. I remember I bought this when it first came out and it worked really well with my skin tone despite being slightly too dark. Now, I picked up a new one – and was shocked. It is really dark and orange. I thought maybe it would just blend in after a while… nah, it didn’t. I was left with an orange blotch on my eye. Completely unusable, especially under lighter colors. I will now toss a barely used tube into the trash. Very upsetting.

Product number two is the Manhattan Eyemazing Liner in Blueless. I love the Eyemazing liner in black, it is one of the best I have ever used and I think I will repurchase it when I run out because it has been lasting me for a couple of months now despite regular use. The blue one however? Bad. This is the second blue liquid liner pen that severely stained my lids, despite an eyeshadow base and a layer of eyeshadow underneath. I had to take regular soap to my eyelids to get rid of the stain and again in the morning because more came out over night. How does something like that get released on the market? Who wants to run around with blue line on their eyes after they have already washed off their eye make up? I don’t get it. Again really upsetting as these liners don’t come cheap (for drugstore anyways) either. Again. Barely used product goes to the trash can.

And the by far most annoying one (if you can believe it) goes to the new essence gel eye pencil in blue (doesn’t seem to have a name). For one, it opened in my bag on my way home and left smudges on my school stuff. Thank god, there was no library book in there. Secondly, when I tried to use it, it was really imprecise and stumpy, it dragged on my eyelids, crumbled and was just really really dry. I don’t know if it dried out like this when it was open for like 1.5 hrs in my bag or if it  just was dry like that. Either way it is unusable.

This means roughly 9€ are going to the trash today. If it came down to user error, I would chalk it up to just being my fault and the I <3 stage is per se not a bad product but you have to be a lot darker then me to be able to use it (which the lighting in the store didn’t really give away) the other two are just really not performing well. I will not tell you not to buy them but be aware of what they can be like.

On another note, October is both Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence Awareness Month. In an effort to revive this blog I will dedicate this month to all things pink and purple as these are the respective colors for the causes. There will be make ups, lipsticks and nailpolishes and whatever else I can come up with. Both causes are really dear to my heart, so let this be my way to contribute. In order to get some rhythm to my life I am going to assign at least one  day out of the week for work on this blog. Blogposts for this blog tend to take longer to create than the quick blips for the nailpolish blogs, so sometimes I struggle making the time I need to produce as best a content as I possibly can. Please bear with me. The Kaufstop/Perfect Stash- series will hope to god also start this month.

My Vanity Tour/ Make Up Storage – September 2014

I’m still easing myself back into blogging or normal life in general at the moment so I thought I’d do so with a rather picture- heavy post.

I’ve been working on my vanity for a while and I quite like it even though I am far from perfectly happy with it but it will do for  now. All elements are IKEA unless otherwise specified. I am going to let you peek into all of my drawers. If there is a drawer where you want me to go into detail, please tell me so in the comments.
A little disclaimer: 1) I have more products then any person alone would need but I am working on using them up 2) I am also not doing this to brag but maybe someone who has as little space as me can get inspiration how to fit a lot of make up into it *cough.

Let’s go from the top:

Photo 13-09-2014 16 51 15

This is an overview as of now. The shelf is Billy, the drawers are Moppe (LOVE those, so convenient), the big mirror is our old bathroom mirror that I dressed up a little bit with aluminium foil and fake ivy strands.

Photo 13-09-2014 16 51 34

The top of the four drawer Moppe holds all of my day to day skincare (moisturizers. Cleansers are in the bathroom but I don’t want to store my creams there) as well as some random hair products and my beloved cotton swabs.

Photo 13-09-2014 16 51 54

The middle of the surface has the foundations and lip products that I reach for the most, plus my Naked 2 (still in its box, not ready to toss that) also bobby pins and random hoop earrings, love me some hoops.

Photo 13-09-2014 16 51 45

The other corner is home to my mascaras, eye liners in pencil form, chubby lipsticks and lip pencils.

Photo 13-09-2014 16 52 17

The top left drawer of my Moppe has my everyday-stuff: Eybrow set by Catrice, concealers, essence all about matt pressed powder, small black pencils that I want to use up, eyelash curlers, sharpeners and the mascara that I am currently using up.

Photo 13-09-2014 16 52 32

The top right drawer holds most of my drugstore palettes, quads and duos. I have a strict one in-one out policy for this drawer. I am only allowed to buy a new one when I am ready to let go of one of the old ones. Easier said then done I tell you. But I was strong and refrained from buying one of the Hello Autumn palettes so yay me!

Photo 13-09-2014 16 52 47

The bottom left drawer has all of my cream shadows, gel liners, also loose shadows, pigments and my depotted UD Primer Potion samples.

Photo 13-09-2014 16 52 58

The bottom right drawer has all of my single drugstore shadows plus my sun club fiver and essence quads. Especially the essence quad that peeks through at the top of the pic is one of my faves, it’s absolutely fool-proof and easy to handle and gives a lovely neutral eye.

Photo 13-09-2014 16 52 06

Let’s move below the surface, shall we? Here you can see the contents of my back up drawer. It holds mostly shampoos and foundations because I tend to rotate through those, it has also back up lash curlers, brush cleanser, shower gels, etc.

Photo 13-09-2014 16 53 11

The top left drawer of my six drawer Moppe has random foundations and primers. I have to sort through these and see what still works and what doesn’t, maybe I can move my foundations from the back up drawer in here (doubtful, there may be too many)

Photo 13-09-2014 16 53 21

The top right drawer has all my drugstore bronzers, blushers and highlighters plus one lonely Bronze Goddess sample. I already decimated this collection but there may be more movement soon.

Photo 13-09-2014 16 59 25

The middle left drawer holds all of my MAC lipsticks plus my beloved Benefit Ms. Behavin. They don’t fit into my MAC storage anymore but I like to have them seperate so I have them on my fingertips whenever I want to wear one.

Photo 13-09-2014 16 53 39

The middle right drawer is home to my lipglosses. For the fact that I don’t even like lipglosses I have about a sh*t ton of them. I already sorted a couple out but there are some that I can’t let go of, because I actually do really like them when I remember to wear them.

Photo 13-09-2014 16 53 48

The bottom left drawer of the six-drawer Moppe is reserved for my drugstore nude lipsticks. I still love my nudes even though they get swapped out a lot for bright or deep colors recently and that is why…

Photo 13-09-2014 16 54 02

… the bottom right drawer looks like this. Lots of deep reds and bright pinks and a lot of stuff in between. All of them drugstore except for the Chanel and Anayake samples which I need to move to the MAC lippy drawer. Anayake has the most amazing deep dark dried blood red lipstick I have ever seen. So glad I have this one in my arsenal for fall and winter.

Photo 13-09-2014 17 00 07

This is the rest of the bottom shelf that has make up-y stuff on it, oh, and my rings. I don’t wear those nearly enough. In the corner you can see my brushes, which I keep seperated by eyes and face brushes. The glossy box underneath has my suncare which I need to toss out because I had the stuff for two years now and you are only supposed to have it for one. Welp. The dark brown trunk-like box has my MAC stash, the little black box on the top my MAC single shadows.

Photo 13-09-2014 16 55 44

There you go.

Photo 13-09-2014 16 56 05

I’ve been thinking a lot about ‘the perfect stash’ recently and I came to the conclusion that my MAC stash comes pretty damn close. If I lost all my make up but got to keep my MAC things and maybe my Naked 2 because I just bought that, all I needed to add would be a brown liner pencil, black liquid liner, mascara, setting powder and some brow powder and I would be good to go for every occasion. It is a bit of a shock when you realize that most of your drugstore make up may be pretty and hold memories in some cases but it is really superfluous.

As per usual you can click on the pics to make them bigger. I hope you had fun rummaging through my stuff :)

My 10 dearest Books(eries)

Snowhoney tagged me on facebook to list my 10 favorite books, the ones that stuck in my head and touched me, so here we go:

1. All Souls Trilogy-Deborah Harkness
Diana Bishop is the kind of woman I want to be when I grow up and her relationship to Matthew is the kind of relationship I want to have one day. Plus Deborah Harkness manages to create beautiful locations and atmosphere simply by finding the right words. This may as well be my holy grail book series.

2. Harry Potter-Series-J. K. Rowling
I grew up with Harry, almost literally. I read the first book when I was 12 and the last the summer I graduated high school. I spent the better part of my life waiting for either a new Harry Potter book or movie to come out and I am currently re-reading the series and it still holds the same magic (pun intended) as it did growing up, these books just don’t seem to age.

3. Lord of the Rings- J.R.R. Tolkien
Another one of those that played a significant role for me growing up. I’m glad that Lothlorien will always be there to welcome me home when I need it.

4. A Song of Ice and Fire- George R. R. Martin
I have no words to make comprehensible what this series means to me. Westeros is my home and the characters are my family. It is escapism in its purest form but you will find a lot of that on this list. I am currently reading the fifth book after holding back to wait for a release date for the sixth book but after over a year I couldn’t hold out any longer. It feels good to spend some time with Tyrion et. al. after a day of studying.

5. Immortals- Series- Alyson Noel
The only YA-series on this list. It speaks volumes that I didn’t think of TMI even though I have City of Heavenly Fire on my ‘Currently Reading’-list. The Immortals- series has one of the best endings I ever read and no, I will not give it away. I also love how Alyson Noel manages to weave an important message into the book without being overly preach-y about it. I miss Ever and Damon to this day and especially when I see red tulips. (On top of it all I also got to meet Alyson once she is such a lovely human being, she featured me on her blog here. Can’t believe it’s already been 4 years)

6. Pillars of the Earth- Ken Follett
After High Fantasy Historical used to be my second favorite genre. The Pillars of the Earth really struck a nerve with me and not only because my favorite band made a song based on the book. I love to get lost in medieval times (goodness knows why) and this book provides a good place to get lost. We will never truly know how accurate a description of medieval times can be since most sources are not exactly trustworthy and this may be a little ‘cliché-medieval’ but it is still a beautiful book, with a beautiful, at times  very dramatic, story about family ties, love and justice.

7. Memory, Sorrow and Thorn- Series-Tad Williams
High fantasy series number 3 on the list. I haven’t actually finished this one but this series sits in my opinion squarely between Lord of the Rings and a Song of Ice and Fire. Great swords, dragons, an unlikely hero saving the world, a fellowship it is all there and one of these days I will have the time to get back into it.

8. Avalon-series- Marion Zimmer Bradley
Another one of these books that just feel like home. And another series that I grew up with. Another series about pagan mythology and a matriarchal society which both seem to offer so many more answers and so much less bloodshed than christianity ever will. I have always been drawn to pagan and nature religions and the mythology created around Avalon is so beautiful. As I am in the process of turning my back on christianity I really have to pick those books up again.

9. Wolf Hall- Hilary Mantel
Man Booker Prize winner and with every right. One of the best I ever read. This plays right into my Tudors obsession. I am so glad there is a second part already out and a third part in the making. Wolf Hall is Tudor history from the perspective of Cromwell (who is quite likeable all of a sudden). It is a great book with a fantastic if unique writing style. Can’t wait to get back into this.

10. Century – Trilogy – Ken Follett
Last but not least Ken Follett numer two. I was drawn to this from the beginning (I generally seem to have a good ‘gut feeling about books, I was inexplicably drawn to the All Souls- trilogy as well) and when I finally got my hands on it I knew why. The way the book is arranged is a little bit reminiscent of A Song of Ice and Fire as it switches between four or five character perspectives and it retells our current recent history from world war I until today. I don’t know how accurate it is exactly but the different perspectives (Russian, British, German, American) create a uniquely complete picture. I was especially impressed by how fairly Follett treats the Germans in his books. It would have been so easy to dump all the hate on us, yet he decides not to. The third book of the trilogy drops in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

There you have it. Ten of my fave books/bookseries. There are more. So many books have touched me, guided me and helped me to close my eyes to the harsh reality at times. It has its reasons why I am studying literature.

I thought this little list was a good way to get back into blogging after I’ve been so silent on here.

Have you read any of those books? Below you can find the link to all of my friends who wrote a list like the one above.

Initial facebook post

The Bookbeauty

If you want to write a list of your 10 favorites feel free to leave a link to it in the comments below and I will add it to the link list above!

The Haul of Shame

That went well. I have no excuse. And I feel bad but also happy at the same time.

Photo 18-07-2014 20 17 10

So, Rossmann had 30% off of lipsticks/glosses and nailpolishes, I had a shit week and this is where the tragedy begins. My first slip up was a polish (Catrice Purple Reign) and the incredible Catrice Ultimate Shine Gel Color in License to Pink. It is the deep pink in the picture (I seem to have a bit of a pink moment right now, no clue where that comes from).

I have fallen head over heels for License to Pink. The formula is amazing. It reminds me a bit of my beloved Astor Lipbutters but with a little less slip. The lipstick is super pigmented, moisturizing  and leaves a slight stain aka. it wears off incredibly even and nice. This stuff has a way of making my lips look super plush and smooth. It makes the lips shine but it is more of a creamy shine than a glossy shine, just the way I like it.

The rest of what you can see in the picture above is the damage I did today. (Epicfail -.-).

The other lipstick is Catrice Ultimate Shine in Yes, We Can-dy. It is a warm pink with golden shimmer in it. I am currently gravitating away from beige ‘concealer’ nudes to soft pinks and I already had a look at it during my first haul but left it behind, only to obsess over it for the rest of the week. Now it came home with me and I keep on staring at it . Lovely, I tell you!

The next lip product is the Catrice Beautifying Lip Smoother in 030 Cake Pop. This is very obviously supposed to be a dupe for the Clarins Instant Smooth Lip Perfector (which is still on my wishlist, I can’t help myself). I picked up the Lip Smoother with the ambition to actually use this up and make an effort of having SOMETHING on my lips. As much as I love my lip products (lip product addict tag?) I tend to rush out of the door with eyes and cheeks done but no lip stuff. I’ve been wearing the lip smoother for the past couple of hours and it tastes sweet and leaves my lips super soft. I don’t really have issues with chapped lips anymore since I started to drink enough throughout the day, but it is still nice to have something conditioning on I find.

The nailpolish is a neon pink by Astor Fashion Studio and the new Neo Tribal collection. I really like the Astor polishes but they tend to be a little overlooked, even though the provide great quality for a very reasonable price.

And last but not least Catrice Velvet Matt eyeshadow in Al Burgundy. I covetted this color ever since I saw it in the press release and heard the rave reviews from the Catrice event. The color is a dark plummy burgundy color (it reminds me a bit of Sketch by MAC [which is also on my wishlist -.-]) and the texture is buttery soft. However, I heard from a lot of people that their Al Burgundy shattered easily and I heaved a sigh of relieve when I got mine home in one piece. Not one for travelling I’d say.


What to take away from this other than a couple of pretty beauty products? That I use a crappy week as an excuse to buy stuff. This has to stop. I have to find other ways to make myself feel better. What do you do to make yourselves feel better that has nothing to do with buying stuff? I’d love to hear about your habits!

[Up Close and Personal/ Organizing my Life] KAUFSTOP! Liberation from Consumerism

As I am waiting for the construction workers to get ready in the bathroom so I can actually leave the house and get on with my life, let’s address a question that is going around with me for a while: I HAVE TO STOP BUYING STUFF!

Photo 08-07-2014 13 24 28

Recently I realized that I spend too much money on things I don’t really need. Like, who needs 6 foundations? I have just the one face and it is not like they are all doing different things. And let’s face it (no pun intended) I keep on coming back to the same ones, while letting the others collect dust and you know what the worst part is? Catrice is coming out with two more foundations that I really want to try. Why on earth would I want that? I have three foundations that I really love, two of them I will repurchase once I run out. I still really like the other ones, so I will use those up and let it be.

Here is my contract with you guys: I promise to use up all of my extra foundations, those that didn’t make the cut and not to buy any new ones. Absolute Kaufstop! (I love my language sometimes, basically translated directly it would be purchase stop).

The two foundations I will repurchase are MAC Face and Body which has a sheer glowy finish for summer and good skin days and Max Factor Facefinity 3 in 1 which does everything my beloved MAC Studio Fix Fluid does with a slightly higher spf (20 vs 15) and it comes in at less then half the price. 

Next stop: Blushes, Bronzers
I have 4 bronzers and more blushes then I care to admit and the worst part, they are all similar shades -.- Absolute Kaufstop here, too (even though not going for the MAC and Marge Simpson blush really hurts) I have more blushes than I can use up in a life time, I haven’t hit pan on any of them. What rationally would be the best here is to weed out blushes that don’t perform as well, and the nth dupe of the soft coral blush in my collection. It hurts. But it is necessary. I don’t need all this, I can’t use up all this. Maybe I’ll let my friends go through the blushes maybe they want to pick one for themselves and the rest will have to go. And this time I will have to take my MAC collection into account as well. Any drugstore blush that is a dupe for a MAC blush will have to go.

Photo 08-07-2014 13 27 41

Same thing. Dupes need to go, and I can’t buy any new ones. Colors that look funny on me need to go. I need to break it down to one lipstick for any shade. I will let myself keep different finishes of the same color though,

Photo 08-07-2014 13 22 57

We can go on like this for everything; Mascara, eyeliners, eyeshadows, etc. Fact is I have to stop. No matter how much I crave something. It doesn’t make me happy longterm. It is like an addiction. When I buy something new, especially color cosmetics I am happy for about 5 minutes and then I have to feed the beast again. This cannot be healthy. It is unnecessary luxury that I should spend on keeping my body healthy because if I have learned anything, it is that good food and excercise is keeping me happy and sane, not buying more eyeshadows that I don’t wear.

Please by all means, don’t take this as me telling YOU what to do, this is me telling ME what to do! Do whatever makes you happy and if that is going shopping go for it, hell, it makes me happy. But not happy enough. I can only be truly happy when I am on top of my financial situation and right now I don’t feel balanced. This has to stop. 

And yes, this has to extend to nailpolishes, too. I made my last purchase yesterday and that has to be it. Nailpolish is my ultimate craze, but I realized that there is barely a polish that I ever wear more than once. I would love the satisfaction of using up a polish and I don’t mean top or basecoat here, those are necesseties like skincare, which are obviously excluded from the buying ban. With this I cannot promise that I will STOP completely but I will definitely buy very selectively from now on. I may go into detail on the sisterhood blog.

Also no new books except for the ones that I have on my list which are Deborah Harkness The Book of Life, Rob Thomas Veronica Mars- Mr. Kiss and Tell and Ken Follett Edge of Eternity. No new music and dvds either, I have Amazon Instant which should keep me happy and there is no new music coming out from my favorite bands.

The challenge is on as of now and indefinitely. I scheduled the first update for a month from now. The hardest part will be to stay honest with myself. I will make a list of all unnecessary purchases aka The List of Shame and we will go through it in a month. Bear with me if you like. Again I don’t mean to go judgemental or preachy on you all, this is my journey but sharing with you helps me to stick with it.

There may be more ‘organizing my life’ posts going up soon. I am going deep into my thesis now and I need to stay organized and focused, planning like this helps me a lot.

Sunday Round Up #29 With A Side of Up Close and Personal

This was about the hardest week I had to endure in a long time.
I hate it when things are out of my control and I have to have faith in other people. This week I had to trust people to get the documents for my Master application ready and of course there was a shitload of drama involved. I’m not going to go into detail because it’s pretty pointless, suffice it to say that I got everything I needed but I had to put up big fight. If someone tries to tell you Germany is organized and punctual and shit; No we are not, especially not the authorities. Absolute disgrace for a reasonably developed country, just saying.

Either way I survived. And a lot better than I thought I would. I managed to stay positive throughout the whole week. I did have a panic moment on thursday (because of course everything accumulated on friday), but I did something about it by writing an e-mail and making a plan how I would tackle friday. Staying organized always helps me. It was a brief moment and didn’t  paralyze me for long like it used to. I managed to find ways to treat myself right and take the edge off the pressure. Working out helped but I have to say when the stress hit me hardest I skipped two days because I just didn’t have the time or the energy to do it. I allowed myself yolo food, stressfree reading, a wee bit of shopping and some light weight tv-watching (more on that further down). The insomnia didn’t hit me all that hard. I fell asleep relatively easily throughout the week. It may have helped that I worked 4 out of five days. Long story short, I found a way to treat myself right without completely falling apart and over-compensating. I drew a lot of strength from little happy things like my colleague saving me a chips container to put away so I had something ‘easy’ to do after the mildly annoying drugstore container I had to put away, my boss complaining about the drugstore aisle but being stopped short when my other boss told him it couldn’t have been a recent mess up because little old me worked the drugstore aisle this week. You know, the little stuff. And looking forward to hanging out with my bestie on saturday really helped.

So here’s to a mini Sunday Round Up:

Make up-wise my skin was finally healthy enough again for me to go back to MAC Face&Body. I had major hormonal break outs and cystic acne induced by the Nivea Protect and Bronze face cream that I talked about earlier, not gonna wear that again then. Instead I went back to my trusted Diadermine Lift+SPF cream, in fact I had to buy a new pot this week. I just love that stuff. BTW my face still tans despite the SPF 30 but it doesn’t burn.
I also got my first Real Techniques brushes, as they were sold at my local TK Maxx. I got the travel essentials set with the essential foundation, domed shadow and multitask brush. I have used them all already and they are SO good. Even the essential foundation even though I am usually not a fan of flat foundation brushes. I think I won’t use it for foundation but for concealer and eye primer. The domed shadow brush is denser than any brush I own and I am still playing with it, but I really like it so far.

Media-wise I finished City of Lost Souls yesterday and yep, I still like it. The book got me safely through the week. It is not particularly deep or demanding and therefore a really nice companion for a stressed mind like mine. I am currently reading J.R.Ward’s Lover Mine part one (book 8 in the series). I accidentally started to read that before reading book 7 and I didn’t even notice. So much for the quality of that series. It is rather entertaining though and I’ve gotten that far so I might just continue reading.
I marathoned Mistresses and really liked it. It is a show with Alyssa Milano whom I really like, lovely Lost lady Yunjin Kim and a dear old friend, Brett Tucker aka Dave Brewer of McLeod’s Daughters fame. The cast is great in this show, the storylines are somewhat predictable but still entertaining. To be honest for me it is really the cast and characters that make the show not so much the storylines. Other than that I started Suits last night and it may grow on me.+
Music-wise I am really in love with my black album by Metallica. The older I get the more I fall for Metallica, especially the old stuff is great.

Anything else? I think that was it.

I hope your week was not as stressful as mine and let’s hope I can finally manage to get a new rhythm to my days and get stuff figured out. Everything is moving at the moment and I have a little trouble to get a routine down, and we all know, not having routines makes me antsy. On thursday I have another appointment with my professor about the thesis and they are usually really inspiring and motivating.
Let’s all go into this new week with a positive attitude, don’t let anything strike you down, we got this!

Read you soon!

(Oh, I will add a pic later so that it’s not such a dry read.)