Picture Post: Unwrapping MAC Call Me Bubbles

       So, on Thursday the Shop MAC Cook MAC collection was released in Germany and ever since temptalia.com had blogged about it I had an eye on the Call Me Bubbles quad and since my beauty department store had delivery issues I ordered it online. The MAC online shop though is legendary for its issues and cancelled orders and I usually avoid ordering there. And it didn’t go as smoothly as I would have liked. The status on my order never (until now) changed from ‘In progress’ to ‘Dispatched’ or anything the like and that along with the bad experience other people I know made caused me some distress, however, the parcel arrived damaged but thankfully unopened as you can see below. I love unwrapping blog posts so I hope you will enjoy this one too: here we go! (as always: click on the pics to enlarge them, all pics are my own)
The package was damaged when it arrived here :/
If you check my unwrapping post from 2 years ago you’ll see that MAC definitely upped the amp on the packaging. LOVE it!
Thank you card and voucher for 20 mins with a MAC artist, very nice!
Blonde moment of the day: WTF! I didn’t even order something round oO
TADAAH! Apperantly I was among the first 500 to order from the Shop MAC Cook MAC LE and got the stickers, such a nice surprise!
Oh look what’s peering through the black paper! 🙂
Despite all the pink I quite like the design on this collection!

Underneath the colorful cardboard slip case is the usual black packaging

Also as per usual the sticker with the name on top

And finally here it is! It was love at first sight when I saw it on temptalia.com

It is the warmest of the three quads that were released with the collection and I can see myself getting a lot use out of this over spring and summer ❤

Click to enlarge and see the names of the individual shades better


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