MAC MSF Collection Spring ’12

 After a somewhat prolonged absence due to finals, termpapers and easter (I’m catholic and it is a rather big deal at my house), I’m back and I thought I’d start with something simple but nevertheless very dear to my heart.
When I started into MAC about 2 years ago I was also introduced to the Mineralize Skinfinishes and fell in love (like so many before me). As you can see I only own four but that is due to the fact that I am extremely picky when it comes to MAC: I will only buy products that are of high quality and go with my skintone. The  four I compiled are the following:

 MAC Mineralize Skinfinishes are baked mineral powders that give a very strong almost metallic sheen to the skin. They are usually used as highlighters, but can also serve as blushers or bronzers according to the preferences of their owners.

Pink Power

 Pink Power was part of the Wonder Woman collection and it is GIGANTIC, twice the size of a regular MSF. What I especially love about it is that I have bronzer (MATTE!!!) a blush color and a highlight in one compact, or I can swirl them all together, which creates a glowy orange-y blush color. I love this especially in the summer.

Gold Deposit

 Gold Deposit is a standard range product and I am aware that it seems horribly dark for my light complexion, but I love the color and the typical MSF-sheen it gives me. On a particularly bold day I used it as a bronzer on my cheeks and down my nose and temples and loved it. Not everybody’s cup of tea but certainly mine!


 Soft&Gentle is another standard range one and my favorite highlighter, I’ve been using this for months and months at a time.


And finally Redhead. My favorite blushcolor. Again one of those I used months and months at a time. It gives my pale skin the most beautiful, natural looking, glowy flush. Amazing! I use the darker strips for blush and the lighter ones for highlighter. Too bad this was also limited edition.

What are your favorite MSFs?


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