NotD: Game of Thrones inspired

First things first: I’m not big on nail designs. In fact in 90%of the cases I don’t even find them appealing- top coats on the other hand I love and use quite regularly.

A while ago I painted my nails in a deep grey with a cream finish which I usually love completely on its own. On that particular day I felt a little adventurous though. Like so many others at the moment I am reading the ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ series (currently I am on the last 100 pages of ‘A Storm of Swords’) The overall title of the series inspired me and I dug out my Catrice Frost Top Coat (you can find pictures of that top coat in my Nailpolish Collection: Catrice post, alas the Frost Top Coat was pulled from the range last fall and is sadly not available anymore) to represent ice and my essence Flakey top coat (available in the standard range) to represent fire. As you can see down below I put the Frost Top Coat all over my left hand except for the ringfinger on which I put the Flakey Top Coat and the other way around on the right hand.
Taking pictures of this proved to be really frustrating since the camera wouldn’t do the Flakey Polish justice no matter what I tried 😦

Left hand, flash

Right hand, flash

Left hand, natural light

Right hand, natural light

Should you want to recreate this, you can obviously choose any base color you want, the grey reminded me so much of the Starks (one of the great Houses in the series) that I am sure it fuelled my inspiration/imagination even more. The Flakey polish is still available also every nailpolish brand and their mother seem to have put out a version of this so it should be easy to come by. As I wrote before the Frost Top Coat is not available anymore and I don’t know if any international brand does something similar, BUT there is not much difference between the Frost Coat and a normal widely available matte top coat  but the slight blue shimmer so you could always try and see if you liked that.


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