Unboxing: My Kosmetik Kosmo Fall Quad + Holo-Polish

 After some belly-aching on my part, today my order from the German indie-onlineshop Kosmetik Kosmo (kosmetik-kosmo.de) arrived, finally! I could not help myself but order some goodies from the ongoing all eyeshadow-refills and nailpolishes by Kosmetik Kosmo for .99€ sale and an empty quad to put them in, but see for yourself: (as per usual: klick on the pics to make them bigger!)

 In the picture you can see everything I picked up: the eyeshadow-refills in Schwarzwald (Blackwood Forest), a blackened deep bluey green; Utaupia, a shimmery taupe reminiscent of MAC’s beloved Satintaupe (which I do not own) and Toffee a caramel brown with a barely there golden sheen. The nailpolish is called Polarlicht (Arctic Light) and is a fiery fine holographic glitter in a clear base. The nailwheel is complimentory with every Kosmetik Kosmo nailpolish order, but you can also order them in bulk from the website. The little black box is the empty eyeshadow quad which looks and feels very sturdy and comes with a huge mirror inside.

My next step was to unpack the refills and swatch them for you. If you are wondering why there are suddenly four of them it is because I had already received  the one in the top left corner of the picture called Grüngold (Green Gold) as a birthday present about a month ago.                                                       
All the eyeshadows felt smooth and silky to the touch and came out rather pigmented on the skin. I have not tried them on the eyes, yet, but I will and will report back when I do.
Packing the quad: Toffee, Utaupia, Grüngold, Schwarzwald (clockwise)
Close up of the quad

The left overs 😀

 In the rest of the pictures you can see the nailpolish. I tried to capture the sparkle as best as my poor old camera would and I’m not too disappointed with the turn out- yes, in real life it sparkles more, but for my camera this isn’t too bad at all.

 I named this my fall quad because that is exactly what it is and I can see myself getting a lot of use out of these in the next couple of months, I already have a couple of combinations in my head that I cannot wait to try. On the nail wheel you can actually see 3 coats of Polarlicht, the sparkle really is divine!

PS. Sorry for the wonky layout: blogger was once again not as cooperative as I would like 😦


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