Mini Haul: MAC + Marilyn

 Today the MAC + Marilyn Monroe Collection launched in Germany and for the first time in quite some time I was tempted to head out to my trusted beauty department store to be one of the first to get their hands on the new stuff. The promotional pictures had me lusting after a blush and a lipstick and after both products scored A’s on I had to get them. And I was lucky, I was able to get both. So here we go:

 All products (except for the pencils and the nailpolishes I believe) come in a glossy black packaging with a gorgeous Marilyn print on the front.

 I just love MAC’s attention to detail 🙂

 And here is my first baby: The Perfect Cheek blush (matte). The powder comes in a glossy plastic compact of the typical MAC design.

 On this picture you can actually see the color as accurately as my camera gets it. I would describe it as a soft almost taupy pink. The powder itself is soft and pigmented without being dusty. When applied, it softly melts into my skin and gives me a beautiful soft flush

 Here you can see the lipstick packaging in the typical MAC bullet form but glossy with a Marilyn print like the blush.

 I managed to get Deeply Adored (matte), which despite looking quite brown in the bullet, pulls a deep berry pink/red color on my lips. This is my first MAC matte finish l/s and I am happy to report that in the past 6 hours that I have worn it, it did not dry out my lips at all.

 And again the attention to detail
Below you can see the look I did in honor of the launch. The eyes are based on the Marilyn make up Lisa Eldridge did here (opens in a new window!) I just used products I had here already. The blush and lipstick are The Perfect Cheek and Deeply Adored which the lovely MACcine applied on me instore.

The ‘slightly’ yellow pic above shows was taken without flash and shows that the blush actually shows up on my skin.

All in all I am very happy with my purchase, I hope Deeply Adored will be an incentive for me to wear more dark lipstick and not only my nudes 😀

Are you planning to get anything from the collection?


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