Products I regret buying #1: Dove hair therapy Conditioning Treatment with Argan Oil

Technically this is a deep conditioning treatment. Technically.

I bought this product because I was out of condtioner and my hair felt extremely dry. I was looking for a mask-like treatment that would give me intense moisture and take the frizz out of my ends because I don’t have time to go get a trim until next month.
The description (Nutri-Oils, Argan Oil, revitalizes extremely dry hair) read like it would be a perfect match for the condition my hair was in.
Except it wasn’t.
The product comes in a thick white and mustard colored paste, actually it looks a little bit like toothpaste.
I applied it after washing and rinsing to my sopping wet hair and let it sink in for about a minute, like it says you should on the tube.
After rinsing it out, my hair felt soft and moisturized, so far so well.
But then it became weird. It didn’t matter whether I blowdried my hair, or let it air dry, whether I applied an anti- frizz- lotion, or another heat protectant, no matter what I did with my hair, my ends felt and looked like they were coated in plastic and the rest of my hair felt brittle and dry. So much for nutri-oils and revitalizing extremely dry hair.
Ultimately my hair was in worse condition than before.
From the very beginning I was aware that this treatment contains silicones like most of my other hair products but seriously none of my other products makes my hair feel plastic-y and  I was shocked when I discovered it. The performance of this product has me swear off of Dove hair care for the foreseeable future.
I decided for myself not to use this product up for the sake of my hair.
By  now I have switched to a different conditioner and I am happy with it so far. (I am currently debating an updated hair care routine-post, let me know if you would like that).

Dove hair therapy
Oil Care Conditioning Treatment
~5 €

What are your experiences with Dove hair care? Did it work for you?


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