Picture Post: Drugstore Nailpolish Collection and Storage (+Mini Reviews)

p2 polishes

 As I was organizing my drugstore nailpolishes today I thought, why not blog about them. (As per usual klick on the pics to make them bigger, I am aware that the lighting is not brilliant on these, but the colors are surprisingly accurate). On the pic above you can see all of the p2 polishes I own. The quality of these is really good, but the finish leans somewhat jelly-ish which I am not always a fan of. They come at 1,55€ a pop and in my opinion they are certainly worth a look!

essence color&go (relaunch)

 Here you can see the reformulated essence color&go polishes. I like the brush, the lasting power is quite good and the choice of colors is really nice, especially if you like glitters. These babies here come in at 1,55€ as well. The only problem I had with these is that if I use a topcoat over the ones with shimmer in them the shimmer seemed to disappear or to get really muted, other than that they are really nice!


 Catrice is my favorite drugstore brand, period and also my favorite drugstore brand when it comes to nailpolishes. I like the wide rounded brush, they apply nice and even and are usually opaque in two coates. The polishes have recently been reformulated and the brand will come out with a completely new range in March. I found a sneek peak collection on thursday and picked up one of the new shimmers (the very first in the top row) so far I can’t see any differences actually, except for the increase in price by 25 cents, the bottles are now 2, 75€ instead of 2,50€. It is still not a lot I know, but since I don’t really see a difference between the old and the new formula I’m not impressed by the price increase at all. Still they are the best nailpolish brand out there in my opinion with the most interesting and unique color range. If you get a chance check them out, I have yet to find a color in the standard range that misbehaved one way or another.

essence color&go (old)

 Above you can see all the old essence color&go’s I own. They have all been discontinued due to the relaunch bot some colors got reformulated and returned to the new range, as for instance the gold glitter at the far left end or the bright red-orange (4th from the right). They were really good as well and I was a little upset that the new ones contain 8ml while the old ones contained 5ml. The 5ml gave me the illusion that I would finish them up at some point, but than again, who am I kidding, right?!

Random essence LE polishes or d/c color ranges

 Not much to say about these. All of these are limited edition or were discontinued. Where the essence standard range is really good quality-wise the LE ones had a couple of odd ones out. I still keep them, God knows why. I probably should just throw them out…

 I keep all my polishes in a GlossyBox that my friend wrapped my christmas present in, and it works really well for me. Above you can see the bottom part that holds all of my Catrice, p2 and essence color&go polish bottles.

 The Manhattan polishes are usually really nice as well, but for some reason the colors don’t click with me the way for instance the Catrice ones do. From those up there I particularly love the one on the far left, which translates to a pretty metallic rose gold on the nails

 h&m nailpolishes. I use them not as much as I should, but they have a surprisingly good quality for a highstreet clothes brand…

 Astor polishes never seem to be worth the money I have to shell out for them, but they really are not bad at all. The coral one is one of my all time favorites actually. As you can see I am a little on the fence about this brand.

 essence and p2 base coats, top coat and nail hardeners.

 Random polishes by random brands. The NYX one in the lower right corner is one of my all time faves as well (black base with a deep burgundy-brown shimmer, perfection!!) Yes, there is a Catrice and a p2 one but they didn’t fit in with their brothers and sisters so I keep them with the other more random ones)

 The top part of the Glossy Box with essence LE polishes and the random ones.

 And this is how I keep them on my shelf. I love the way I can stack them up like this.

As a teeny tiny bonus, here you can see my nail-routine a.k.a. the stuff I use whenever I do my nails:
My remover of the moment is the moisturizing one by essence. It really IS moisturizing but I’m a little iffy on the smell which takes hours to disappear even after washing my hands various times, and it doesn’t remove the polish as quickly as I’d like. At the moment I’m still trying to figure out whether the moisturizing part is good enough to make me forget about the smell and the lack of ‘removing power’. We’ll see I guess…
As base coat I use the p2 Base+Care coat, which is a repurchase and it is working very decently for me. Abother base coat that JUST came out with the new essence range is the essence studio nails ultra repair base coat. But I only have used it just once, so I really can’t comment on it so far.
My top coat is my trusted and loved essence studio nails better than gel nails top sealer. This must be my 4th bottle, it is just THAT good. It dries within seconds, makes the nails super glossy and prolongs the wear of the polish to easily a week if not longer. Even for me who is not particularly easy on her hands. For me this is a must-have. Get it if you can, it will blow every other top coat you ever had out of the water including seche vite.

I did not include my essie polishes in this post (despite the fact that they are sold in drugstores here, because they come at a significantly higher price point than the ones here). If you have any questions about the polishes ask away in the comment section, I hope you enjoyed this post 🙂


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