Review: MAC Studio Fix Fluid NW10 + Foundation Routine

In the past roughly two months I tested the MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW 10. Since I thought that pictures would show a lot better than words how the foundation behaves on my skin, I took photos of my foundation routine I have been following during the past couple of weeks. Above you can see my skin cleansed and moisturized, completely sans make up or primers. You can also see that my skin is still acting up and fairly broken out and before you ask, it has been like that before I started using the Studio Fix Fluid (SFF) and I also checked but it is definitely NOT the SFF that is breaking me out! Generally speaking my skin type is combination with dry cheeks and an oily t-zone.

This is the amount of foundation I use. It is one pump with the MAC foundation pump(6€) that you can buy separately, since the bottle does not come with a pump. If you prefer you can obviously just pour out the foundation but I opted for the pump, because I believe it is more hygienic and a lot less messy. The pump is re-usable so you only have to buy it once (always a plus 🙂 ) One pump of foundation covers my entire face. I use a rather thin layer but the foundation is buildable.

In the two pictures above you can see the right half of my face with foundation the left one is without. You can see that the foundation covers the redness quite well but not completely. My freckles (quite pale at the moment because it is winter) still peek through, it also makes my pores around my nose appear refined.

This is how I apply the foundation: I dot it on my face and then blend it into my skin with a firm flat top kabuki brush with artificial bristles.

My face with foundation on both sides.

Here you can see my face with concealer and filled in brows

And last but not least my finished base: foundation + concealer + eyebrows + powder. I like the finish. My face matches the skin tone of my neck and I don’t mind that the blemishes peek through a little. Other than that my skin is refined and brightened .

Product break down:
MAC Studio Fix Fluid NW10 (+ Belial flat top kabuki brush)
Catrice Camouflage Creme in 010 Ivory (+ Catrice Smokey Eyes Brush double ended, tapered side)
Catrice Eye Brow Set, both sides (+ essence Gel Liner Brush, firm angled liner brush)
essence fix&matte translucent loose powder, old version. There is a new one in the new range, which I don’t have yet. (+ my mum’s old powder brush, I love that thing! It must be about 30 years old and is still going strong

Freshly applied, finished face make up (above).

My face roughly 10 hours later, no touch ups.
The eyeshadow and blush are slightly faded (the lipstick is gone, I didn’t wear the red one out but a nude one) and my forehead and especially nose started to shine after a couple of hours, but as you can see my base is still in place. I spent the 10 hours running to the library, picking up necessities, running back home and working for school, so it was an average day for me.

All in all I am very pleased with this foundation.
The coverage is perfect for me, I would say it is medium/ buildable.
You can feel the foundation on your skin, which I don’t mind at all (but if you mind it then it is not for you).
It doesn’t oxidize on me.
I don’t need a primer, despite my oiliness it stays in place.
It does have a slightly chemical scent to it which fades immediately after application.
It doesn’t break me out.
It comes in a heavy glass bottle with a rubberized black screw-on-lid. The bottle contains 30ml, costs 28€ in Germany and is available from e.g., and Douglas and MAC stores, etc.

I hope this was helpful for some of you!

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