Sneak Peek: Worshipping at the Altar of L’Oréal Hydra Active 3

Picked up the new Hydra Active 3 toner (more or less accidentally, meant to get the micellaire water but it was sold out and then something went wrong in my brain and BAM here I am boring you with an irrelevant background story). It smells lovely, kind of fruity , the consistency is a little thicker than water. It looks almost gloopy in the bottle.
I also picked up the Hydra Active 3 Glow which is basically a mixture of a sheer tinted moisturizer and a glow primer. My skin has been so drab and greyish lately that I can’t wait to slather this on. I am SO over winter gloomyness, I am just yearning for the sun to come out and warm my face. I hope the HA3 Glow will fake some sun without being too orange, we’ll see…

The two pics of the back of my hand show a semi blended blob of the Glow, and the the Glow completely blended in. It feels super moisturizing and it leaves a soft sheen to my skin without looking greasy. The tint doesn’t really show up on my skin, which is good because this means it is not too dark. The Glow has an SPF of 15.

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