Non-Beauty Favorites March ’13

 As I mentioned in my Beauty Favorites two days ago I actually made an effort  in March to collect all of the things that I enjoyed through out the month and I did not stop at beauty things, oh no! My life, believe it or not, does not only consist of make up (actually it is 90% college, but that is a whole different story), no, I also enjoy reading, music, and TV shows, eating, and gambleing on my phone. Let’s jump right in!

Favorite TV shows:
Hawaii Five-0 returned to to German tv and surprisingly enough I have been all over it and it made me re-watch seasons 1 and 2 on dvd as well. So I have issues with the writing, tremendous issues. From season to season it has gone worse to a point where I want to cry when I rewatch season 1 because it was so good.
Danno is being degraded to Steves whiny, slightly incompetent sidekick, seemingly only responsible for the cheap jokes and for making Steve look good. Steve on the other hand is turning into the world’s biggest sexist a**hole in regards to Cath. It makes me so angry to see him walking all over her and she is not doing anything about it, she could be so bad ass. And I don’t even like Cath that much, never have. But for some reason I keep on returning every sunday and if it is only to see those great actors turn horrible writing into something leaning on bearable. Thank the Lord for Chin and Kono, and of course Kamekona who remain as great as they were in the beginning.
Homeland premiered on German telly and is now being paired with Five-0 on sundays. We are in season 1 and what can I say, it is brilliant! It gives me that ‘Prison Break’- feel. It is complex, it messes with your head and holy crap is Damien Lewis’ Brody hot 😀 Definitely something I look forward to every week.
Another pairing I look forward to every week is Rizzoli&Isles and King.
Rizzoli&Isles is based on Tess Gerritsen’s book series. The story in itself is not particularly original (the friendship of a cop and a ME) but the characters are so lovable with their strengths and quirks, and in the end in a way this show is more about family than anything else, to a point where the actual weekly case fades into the background and it is all about the relationship of all the main characters amongst each other and I don’t mind that one bit.
King is a Canadian cop show. Again not a particulary original plot ( a very strong, very competent female cop has to struggle for acceptance and appreciation by her male colleagues, while her incompetent troubled cop husband tries his best to ruin everything for her) but the character of Jessica King actually makes me come back every week. She’s tough, she’s beautiful and she won’t take shit from nobody, a role model if I ever saw one.
And last but not least The Borgias. I always come back to this show about Pope Alexander VI and his family. Brilliant acting, great writing and a beautiful language bring to life one of the (many) most gruesome chapters in catholic history. Yes, each and every single one of them is a murderer and a monster, but they are MY monsters and I love them (maybe not Juan [aside the fact that David Oakes is fabulous. His great acting turns Juan Borgia in one of the most hateful characters in tv history]). It’s bloody, it’s juicy and sometimes it is downright filthy but if you love historical shows like The Tudors you will love this one too. Oh btw. once The Borgias ends I am rooting for something like The Romanovs, please make it happen SHO!!


Favorite Books:
 Bookwise this has been a Kathy Reichs month. I devoured roughly four or five of the books of her Tempe Brennan- series. So much better than Bones! I love her precise writing, the science in these books. There is crime solving, there is Canada and/or the Carolinas, there is another female role-model and there is Bird the Cat. I love coming back to the series and I do so quite regularly.
Another favorite of mine this month has been the last installment of Cassandra Clare’s The Infernal Devices trilogy ‘Clockwork Princess’. This is probably the best book Clare ever wrote, it is well thought out and the ending is one of the best that I ever read (it doesn’t beat Alyson Noel’s ‘Everlasting’ but it is the closest any YA book has ever come to it). I actually listened to this book  first before I bought the copy above three days ago and Daniel Sharman did a wonderful job with the audio book, I couldn’t stop listening! This book actually reverberates in me, still. I keep on going back to it, thinking about it and missing all those beloved characters that meant and still mean so much to me. And as glad as I am that Clare can’t be persuaded to continue with TID the way she did  (and failed) with The Mortal Instruments, I am sad that it is over. TID is truly one of the best book series there are.
A fairly recent favorite of mine is Ken Follett’s Fall of Giants (I’m reading it in german), I just started it in the last week of March but this book will make literary history the way The Pillars of the Earth did. It is beautiful, complex and important. This book carries us slowly through the time around the WW I by way of letting us look through the eyes of Americans, Brits, Germans and Russians, high society and working class. It shows societal parallels and illustrate the sparks that caused our societies to change as radically as they did before and during the war. The characters are likeable if not lovable and ever since my holy grail series ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ I am in love with complex multi-arc, multi-view point stories and Follett handles it so well. I have read quite a few of his book and he is in my eyes one of the most versatile and brilliant authors we have these days.

Favorite Apps:
 iDrated lets you keep track of the amount you drank during the day and if you do well it rewards you with medals 🙂 I love this app, it actually helps me to drink more which is one of the things I struggle with. It even suggests when you should have the next drink and you can have it send you push notes once you’re due. This app is free.

 Tapped Out is the Simpson’s game app in which you have to rebuilt Springfield. In quests you get new buildings and more characters of the tv show to crowd your very own springfield. Another free app. It is pretty addictive and I played a lot in my study breaks. Can’t wait to have Marge back!

If you are on facebook you probably know Candy Crush this is the App-version of it, it syncs with your results on facebook if you play there too and once you used up all your lives on one of the two versions you can play on on the other. It is one of your regular ‘combine three of the same’-games but it is fun and fairly addictive. This one is also free.

(Sidenote: I have an iPhone, and I am sorry I cannot tell you whether these are available for Android/Windows Phone/whatever else there is- users as well. Again I am sorry!)

Favorite Music:

Of Monsters and Men-Little Talks. I loved this song ever since it started to make wave a few months back but I only got this recently and just couldn’t stop listening. The sound is a bit folk-sy, the lyrics are not as upbeat as the song but the combination of everything just makes me happy

 Adele-Skyfall. What could I possibly say about this song other than it is epic, it is Adele, and I just love Bond-Songs. And for once I also loved a Bond movie. Part of it was definitely going to the movies with my dad watching him enjoy himself but I enjoyed Skyfall tremendously as well, even though my heart bled a little when they blew up that old Bond car and, well, Skyfall.

 Fun.-Some Nights. Another one of those that just made me happy this month, even though (again) the lyrics are by far not as upbeat as the music. I am no good with describing tunes but this one is very sparkly, happy and has almost kind of an African-tinge to it. Very lovely song!

 My re-discovery this march was definitely Leaves Eyes’ and I have been listening to almost all of their albums that I own a LOT. I love vikings and the norse mythology, Scandinavia and the lifestyle there. I remember I found them around 2006 when they were suggested to me as I downloaded some Within Temptation songs on Musicload (does anybody besides me remember Musicload?) started listening to them, bought the album (Vinland Saga) and never looked back. That summer we went to Denmark on vacation and we visited a couple of old viking sites and I had the album on repeat for the entire two weeks.
Long story short Leaves’ Eyes are a German/Norwegion female fronted metal band who are somewhere in the middle between goth- and folk metal, they have a lot of songs about norse mythology and vikings and the music always makes me dream of northern Europe again.

     Letzte Instanz are a German gothic rock band which I just recently fell in love with. All of their lyrics are in German. I especially fell for the albums ‘Schuldig’ (engl. guilty) and ‘Heilig’ (engl. holy). I can’t even really say what makes me love them the way I do. Their songs spark energy in me when I feel completely exhausted. Some songs make me smile because they express such a beautiful view on the world others others comfort me and give me peace. They were just what I needed in March.

Favorite Drink this March have been the teas by the German Ti brand. My local store stocks them in Peppermint Tea/Blackberry (caffeine free), Green Tea/ Mango (naturally caffeinated) and White Tea/Cranberry/Acai (naturally caffeinated). These teas have only bio-certified ingredients, no chemicals and no artificial sweeteners. THEY ARE SO YUMMY! They are not too sweet, they don’t taste artificial at all, they are naturally low on calories and they have a ‘Ethical Tea Partnership’ seal which basically means they are not screwing over the peole in non-EU countries that produce the tea-leaves for them. This product is all around gorgeous. If you like teas try them, I need them to never go out of stock ever again!


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