YouTube Made Me Do It Part I: xKarenina


xKarenina made me do it 😉

I’ve been wanting to do something like ‘Share the Love’ and ‘YouTube Made Me Do It’ for quite a long time but could never come up with a format that satisfied me, so I decided to mix the two a little and just assign a post to each of my most influential YouTubers plus share with you what they ‘made’ me do, be it that they taught me techniques or turned me on to products. Some of them may be Germans because I started with watching German YouTubers but there is a fair share of English-speaking YouTubers that have changed my (MakeUp)Life in so many ways.

First among them is probably German beauty queen xKarenina (@xKarenina and, she was the first one that I subscribed to and watched on a regular basis, you know back in the day when I was still a complete greenhorn.

I remember I started following her because she was twitter-friends with one of my favorite singers Simone Simons of Epica (@SimoneSimons and that must have been three or more years ago.

I simply fell for her tutorials that were out there but quite classy and wearable and she was just as pale as me. Now I know that the coloring of our skin is not exactly the same but it was a good start for a complete noob and she had a great way of applying color down. She was probably the first one who thoroughly taught me about all things make up. Some of the techniques I still stick to today, like applying my foundation with a big buffing brush or the way I deepen the famous-infamous ‘outer v’.

Something else she brought into my life is MAC. And ooooooh what a sweet pain in the ass that is 😀
Back in the day she used almost exclusively MAC products but where I live MAC was very hard to get. Only the bigger German cities had counters and the bigger German cities were pretty far away from where I was. So I ogled the products from the distance but couldn’t bring myself to buy online.

But then there was this fateful summer in which our Douglas store (something like the German Sephora) had a make over and my friend Snowhoney will probably recall the massive cardiac arrest I had when I spotted the huge MAC sign through the glass doors.
To this day most of my favorite MAC products I bought on her recommendation, amongst them classics like Feline, Creme d’Nude, the Naked Liner and Myth but also Marine Life and the fabulous Palace Pedigreed palette arrived on my doorstep because of her.

But she did not only turn me on to brands but also on to ways of wearing make up: bold bright lips? Her idea. Winged liner? She did it first. My highlighter craze? Yes, you guessed right.

I also owe Essies Van d’Go to her and part of my obsession with nail polish.

If it sounds like I had no original idea of my own, in the beginning that was probably true, but mind you, I was a blank canvas, I had NO idea what I was able to do. She taught me the basics.

Nowadays I think I’m at the point where I know quite well what I’m doing, I created my own style if you will and I take every video I watch with a grain of salt. I know what colors work for me and what my skin type needs.

We developed, the two of us, and sometimes in different directions but to this day I smile when I see a new video of hers in my sub-box. They still hold inspiration for me even if I choose less pricey options or just take a general perspective from it.

I particularly like her book vlogs, we read similar books and I respect her opinion even if it doesn’t go with my own sometimes.

So if you speak German pop over to her channel and take a look, she does great stuff 🙂


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