First Impressions: City of Bones – The Movie



I just returned from the City of Bones screening. And by just I mean JUST. My sister took me as a birthday present and it was the last ‘sister-thing’ we can do together before she leaves for Bavaria, which actually freaks me out a little.

The film was okay. It was not great and it wasn’t horrible.

I will try not to spoil anyone who hasn’t read the books. The story sort of followed the books. Just as with pretty much all the other novels that were turned into movies the script took liberties. For me personally there were a couple too many liberties, for instance they took one of the major tension moments away and I cannot see why, it doesn’t make sense to me. Some aspects were perfectly accurate but they couldn’t make up for the liberties.

It did look good. Some of the visuals were downright breathtaking (the snow at the Institute, the green house scene and the silent city to name a few). The interior of the Institute however looked too much like Hogwarts as far as I am concerned. A little more originality would have been nice.
I liked the clothing style of the movie, the costumes were by and large right up my street, but what the hell was that bead/braid-mess on Jonathan Rhys Meyers head? I’m deeply grateful that they didn’t dye his hair blonde but those braids? I don’t see how they fitted with the character at all.
Make up-wise I’m considering to do Izzy’s, Clary’s and Jocelyn’s look for the blog. The looks were simple but effective and very much in line with the characters.

I liked the acting in the movie a lot. No life changing performances but still very well done. The old issues I had with the casting choice remain but I can appreciate that everybody involved did a great job.

Having read the book is both a good thing and a curse with this movie. I enjoyed the books so much that a lot of the shortcomings of the film are just sugar coated by it. I’m not sure the movie makes much sense if you haven’t read the book. A lot of the more intense things I felt while watching came purely from reading the books and knowing both past and future of the characters. Man, I had lovely times with them. I don’t even know if I would recommend it. If you have read the books and you can tolerate the book to movie transformation, go for it, if not steer clear.

*This is a first impressions post, raw and barely filtered. I will probably update this post tomorrow when my opinion is a little more defined, however, I wanted to capture the feeling of having JUST seen it.


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