Brief Life Update

So, what’s been going on? I had a busy week end, exactly nothing of what I wanted to do got done, especially that new ‘Up Close and Personal’ post I’ve been planning is still in the tube. My question now is whether I should post during the week or wait until the week end and turn this into sort of a series (feel free to weigh in on this). I’ve been spending a lot of time to come to terms with my chronic ailment and to find ways to push through when it is trying to de-rail my life again. Would you like to come on this journey with me? I would love to have you!

My YouTube Made Me Do It post went through the roof last week. The traffic was very unexpected. This was always planned as a series and I am going to continue it. I’m thinking about doing one every thursday (ish).

Life-wise there has been going on so much recently and positive things they were too, I am already terrified of the inevitable down swing. Hello Anxiety, nice to see you again! How idiotic is it to go all fidgety because life is kind of working out too smoothly. What IS too smoothly anyway? This is something I struggle with: the fear that when something good happens to me I will pay a terrible price for it. Jeez, gonna stop thinking and typing about this because this is making me positively superstitious and this is exactly NOT where I want to go. Gonna slap out of it now. (If you caught that reference you are awesome and I love you 🙂 )

Insomnia came to town again and I am afraid she’s not going anywhere anytime soon. I’m determined to have a good time with her, though. I have a couple of great books that need reading and a couple of awesome tv shows that need watching. So there. Take that, b*tch!

I will now resort to painting my nails and catching up on my youTube sub-box, like a good girl. Have a good night/morning/afternoon everyone! Don’t let life kick your ass, fight back, you are loved.

(Go on, find the hidden message in the tags! I keep on forgetting that wordpress sorts ’em by alphabet. #fail)

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