Up Close and Personal: I Choose to Be Inflating

Please meet Aussie comedian Adam Hills. He made me cry. Twice.

If you know nothing about Adam you’ll probably think ‘Who the heck is this guy and why the heck would you let him make you cry?’

If you know a little about Adam you’ll think: ‘He’s a comedian, why would he make her cry of all things?’

If you are familiar with Adam’s work you will understand.

I found Adam through the popular BBC panel show Mock the Week which he guested on and he was Aussie and he was funny and quite warmhearted and that was enough for me to rejoice every time he would come back.

A couple of weeks ago I had a particulary bad day and I thought why not try to find me some YouTube video to cheer me up, I found this

In this interview Adam talks a little bit about how he became a comedian and how he chose not to make fun on other people’s expense anymore. But there was a recent relapse as the lady interviewing him mentioned. And Adam explained how that came to pass: Fellow comedian Joan Rivers had made mean jokes on the expense of Adele (of all people). Fat jokes. And she did not leave it at one, no, she made more mean fat jokes, to the point that Adam was so angry that he shot back (verbally, of course). What he basically did was to stick up to for chubby girls, cue my first flood of tears. Being a chubby girl myself it feels sometimes as if you don’t belong into this society where everybody is thin and perfect. Every talent you have, every good thing in you is overshadowed by the fact that you are overweight. And to hear someone say out loud what a bullshit thing that is feels great. And very touching. (This may not have been exactly what he said but that is what I took away from it)

Later on I found this and I ask you to please watch it you will not regret giving this 3 and a half minutes of your life!

Aaaand that was another flood of tears and the promise to myself that I want to be inflating. I want to inflate the people around me, not deflate them.

I know I am not that great at it now, I am irritable and impatient most of the time especially when depression and insomnia strike. I use my anger as a weapon to suppress people and keep them at a distance. I don’t want to be like that. When I go one day I want to be remembered as an inflater. I’m working on that every single day. Baby steps, snail speed, but I am making this my life’s purpose. I will probably never be as uplifting as Adam is and I will never reach as many people as he does but in my small world I want to move around with open eyes and an open heart making people around me  feel better.


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