Media Update: Sons of Anarchy meets 50 Shades of Grey?, playing Hide and Seek and the Witch I can’t shake

First things first. Charlie Hunnam is going to play Christian Grey. CAN he do it? Hell yes! Anyone who has seen his at times mind-boggling performances on Sons of Anarchy (which is one of the best TV shows I have ever seen) will attest to that. I respect his decision to become associated with the project. But even he will not bring me to watch the movie and I will continue to stay as far away from the book as I can. Oh and shame on everybody who says he needs to get a hair cut and rid of the beard and that he isn’t pretty enough, you clearly haven’t seen him smile. *mild fangirling *sorry not sorry

Under the Dome started on German television and I just had to start watching it and I LOVE it so far. I love the premisse, I love how the setting gives the writers the perfect background to play with the corruptions and perversions of the human soul, also I am starting to develop a liking for Stephen King. My first contact with him in 8th grade was traumatizing, now, ten years later I am thrilled by the way he plays with the darkness in all of us. I feel I am ready to face him now.
The acting is good. Barbie is hot, Junior is creepy and Rachelle Lefevre continues to pop up in a lot of TV shows that I like. Let’s hope it doesn’t lose steam.

My music love this week has been The Birthday Massacre’s Hide and Seek. I am a little late on this particular band waggon, the album came out a couple of months ago, but it is brilliant. Spheric, dream-like electronic metal, with a crystal clear female voice. The Birthday Massacre always helps me to dream away, to calm down and rest. To me this is decidedly fall and winter music, maybe that’s why it only klicked with me now. My favorite songs from the album are ‘Leaving Tonight’ and ‘Long Way Home’. Give it  a listen if you like.

Another music love is Tarja’s new album Colors in the Dark. I read somewhere that this is the perfect soundtrack for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, I quite agree. It is creepy and lovely, brilliantly sung, colorful and edgy. It is a good soundtrack for reading, too. Another aspect is that this is an album where I need to listen to it as a whole, I can’t single a song out. It creates a flow and an atmosphere that I don’t want to disturb. If you don’t know Tarja: She used to be the frontwoman of Nightwish. After their split she started a solo career. With her music she continues down the operatic metal road.

A Discovery of Witches continues to amaze me. It is beautifully written, chockfull of strong women and the proof that strong women and protective men can work, also that protective men can learn to give their strong women space and have faith in them. The settings in this book are brilliant and I am in love with all of them: The Oxford Bodleian Library and Matthew’s Tudor estate; Sept-Tours with it’s lovely top-of-the-tower study and massive four-poster and of course Diana’s parents house-with-a-heart in Upstate New York. Have I mentioned that it is October as we visit Upstate New York? Yep, brilliant!

Aaaand that’s a wrap for this weeks media update! Did I miss something? Comments or suggestions? Feel free to talk to me!


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