The Fall Edit: Room/Scent Edition

Oh what a week it was. Actually 10 days. I apologize. What happened to me and what’s going on will be in this week’s Up Close&Personal. Anyways, I’m slowly getting better so here we go with an I’m back/Therapeutic blog post.

I finally got around to do some little decorating in my room. There is actually not much space to decorate because all is clogged up with nailpolishes and books and frankly I wouldn’t want it any other way but I put something together that I really like.


Photo 02-10-2013 21 38 57

I found this tray at a deco- store and it is perfect! I love the dark wood and it is really versatile, I actually can’t wait to redecorate it for christmas time 😀 The red and orange bottles I had for a while and I thought they worked really well with the fall theme. The oil lamp I bought maybe three years ago in the town I went to college in at the time. It is a little wonky and crooked but the crystals and the fact that you can remove the glass bowl make it all kinds of perfect. The potpurri in the tray reminds me of fallen leaves. Fall mission accomplished.

Now on to the second part: Scents.
I am obsessed with Yankee Candle tarts. I bought four in three days when I already have a sizeable collection at home waiting to be burned (well, melted), but the fall and christmas scents always do me in. See below what I added to my collection:

Yankee Candle Tart in Vanilla Chai

Yankee Candle Tart in Vanilla Chai

Photo 02-10-2013 18 17 30

Yankee Candle Roomspray in Macintosh Spice and Lemon Lavender. Yankee Candle Tarts in Witches Brew, Christmas Rose and Season of Peace.   













As fall scents I already have Cinnamon and Sugar, Cinnamon Stick, Honey and Spice, Apple and Pine Needle, Sparkling Cinnamon and Home Sweet Home. First of all, you can’t tell that I like cinnamon scents at all can ya? Second of all that is a bunch! And I am crazy frugal with them because I am not used to the fact yet that we have Yankee Candle in town now. How the heck are you frugal with candle tarts you ask? Well, you break them in quarters for one and secondly you burn them until they smell funny. The second problem is Yankee Candle has completely ruined me for any other scented candle ( we don’t have Bath&Body Works here, mind you). Nothing smells as natural, indulgent and intense as Yankee Candle. Why I don’t buy the actual candles then? Because I couldn’t commit to the big jars and the smaller ones are just ridiculously over-priced. So there. I just love my tarts. I can try any scent I want, I can switch them out easily and they don’t break the bank.

That was a long ramble about Yankee Candle and I’m not being paid for this post. I wish they would though, or just keep up a steady flow tarts to my doorstep. That would be nice… Oh well, I’ll just keep on buying them then 🙂

As you can see above I also picked up two of the concentrated room sprays. They were on clearance and I couldn’t resist. The first one I chose is Macintosh Spice (anybody any idea why it is named like this? Dummy German over here doesn’t get it) It has apples and cinnamon sticks on the label and that is exactly what it smells like: Yummy juicy apples and a pinch of cinnamon. The perfect fall scent in my book.  The second one is Lemon Lavender, which is one of my all time favorite scents they do. I always have a tart in stock and I burn them year round. It has all of the soothing lavender without being too sweet or heavy. Oh btw I also have other Year round scents, but I won’t go into these since this is a fall edit and such.

With the new ones I bought I can’t really tell you what they smell like because I haven’t burned them yet, but I am really excited about Witches Brew. It is from their Halloween collection and I have my very own Halloween tradition even though we don’t really celebrate it here. It is a bit boring but I love it. Every year I curl up with The Nightmare before Christmas, some horror movie, candles and candy and go on lockdown for the night. In the store Witches Brew smelled exactly like I imagined Witches Brew would smell like: A bit spicy-sweet with a hint of mould. Seriously I think there is a hint of mould in there. Either way, to me it smells like Halloween in a tart. I might actually get a back up of this, just in case. Plus, it goes really well with my current obsession with A Discovery of Witches/ Shadow of Night (yep, I’m already on to the second book. I’m still in love).

Do you have specific fall scents that you break out once the season rolls around?

Have a lovely day/afternoon/evening/night wherever you are!




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