The Eagle has Landed! Manhattan Lip Lacquer Swatch and Review

A couple of months ago the news hit that Rimmel’s runaway hit lipgloss/stick hybrid Apocalips would be picked up by Manhattan. You have no idea how hard I was partying on the inside when I read that.

I had been lusting after the Apocalips ever since Fleur de Force featured them on her blog but since then Rimmel had pulled out of the German market making it difficult to get my hands on them. I was thisclose to just hang my head and give up on them until I read that they would return under a different name.

Either way, they are here! I spotted the display with them a couple of days ago and yesterday I caved and picked one up. They were launched in six shades at 4.85€ for 5.5ml/.19fl.oz.

I chose a wearable creamy pink. On the display it said Reds Rock as the name, on the actual packaging it just says 50G (Manhattan uses numeral/letter combos as ‘names’).

Lip Swatch: Manhattan Lip Lacquer 50G Reds Rock

Lip Swatch: Manhattan Lip Lacquer 50G Reds Rock

The formula is very creamy and highly pigmented, it seemed to be neither drying nor overly hydrating but still very comfortable on my lips and is completely non-sticky. The doefoot applicator has a dip that holds the perfect amount of lacquer for my lips. The color is opaque in one sweep, lasted several hours on my lips and faded evenly to a light stain before disappearing completely.


Doefoot with a Dip

Doefoot with a Dip

If you are looking for an opaque lipcolor with a creamy sheen, stop looking, this is it!


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