Sunday Round Up #2: Deep Darkness and Brilliant Highlights

Oh you guys, this week this week…

The darkness was 30 hours of work in 3 days, insomnia, mental exhaustion and the constant need to balance things out and failing at doing so. Now back to the brilliant highlights and brilliant they were:


clockwise: Halloween movies, Allegiant, new things, Man of Steel, the Starks

1. Man of Steel finally arrived on my doorstep and it took me two days to watch it because I completely passed out after roughly an hour. Not because it was boring but because I was so bloody tired. Either way I loved the movie when I saw it in the cinema and I loved it upon the second time seeing it as well. Mind you I wasn’t a Superman fan before that movie and I don’t have the background of the comic books and the classic movies but even for someone knowing next to nothing about Superman I found the story understandable and the characters likeable. Some of the fight scenes were a bit long-ish and repetative but I have seen way worse. Bottomline? Loved it, will watch it again, and it is a nice addition for my happily growing collection of comic adaptations.

2. Halloween brought a much needed evening of rest. Over on the sisterhood blog I posted my essence Superheroes haul and then I closed shop in favor of watching The Nightmare before Christmas (classic) and Blood Creek, eating candy and melting my Witches Brew Yankee Candle Tart. Witches Brew is just beautiful. When melted it smells like that classic esoteric/ new age scent, you know, patchouli and musk and other plant extracts but it smelled very natural and not pungent at all. The scent was still perceptible days after melting the tart, even this morning I could still sense it.
I am not the best person to describe or rate horror movies simply because they usually don’t scare me. Blood Creek wasn’t bad for what it was. Henry Cavill, Dominic Purcell and Michael Fassbender provided the eye candy, the story was maybe a bit hole-y but again I have seen worse and at times it actually was a bit creepy (more on the story in my Amazon haul which is scheduled to go online tomorrow). Not much to say on The Nightmare before Christmas. I love the stop motion, the music and the design of this movie, I am a major Tim Burton fan, it is just a classic, right? Right!

3. I finished Allegiant by Veronica Roth this week. I loved the whole series from Divergent to Insurgent to this last installment. I will not give anything away in case you still want to read it, but the ending surprised me and I thought it was very brave. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book it was fast paced and very consistend which I liked. This last book in the series was written  from two different points of view and you could actually tell them apart because Roth made the effort to tweak the language to match the characters. Well done!

4. I got spoilt rotten yesterday! Not only did I get to spend much needed girl time with my darling Snowhoney (we don’t get to see nearly enough of each other but work and school and work just get in the way). That alone would have made me very happy, but she also brought me the most amazing presents, some from her stay in London and one from Ring Con. Amongst them the awesome Lasting Finish by Kate Moss lipstick in 107 the most perfect deep dark matte red that I had been eyeing longingly for months (they never came out here in Germany), Coral Britannia from the new expanded Moisture Renew line (my favorite lipstick formula ever!), the Collection Lasting Finish concealer and a brilliant No7 Lip Kit (blogpost on those is scheduled for friday). From Ring Con I got a beautiful picture with Jon Snow, Robb and Catelyn Stark on it. I need to go find a frame for this, it is just to lovely to go on my wall unprotected.
Along all of this goodness I found a Catrice limited edition eyeshadow duo that I had been ogling for a long time on sale for 1.80€. I am wearing it today and it is lovely. It consists of a pale silvery pink shimmer shadow and a muted plum matte. The plum is relatively sheer but it provides the nicest dusting to darken the outer corner and crease. I’m sure I will wear this a lot.

Today I decided to take it slow, prepare some blogposts for you, clean, do laundry and just get ready for the next week. So far it is going quite well (yay me ;D ) I hope you are all having a lovely sunday, too!


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