London Love

As you may have read on her blog Snowhoney was in London in October and she took some of her limited time there and made some of my make up dreams come true. So here we go:

Photo 07-11-2013 20 04 39

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss 107

I can’t even tell you how long I’ve been eyeing this lipstick! Amongst the British YouTubers everybody and their mother and their mother’s dog wears this. It is the most perfect burgundy/oxblood red and I just LOVE this against my extremely pale skin. It goes on quite matte so the color is easier to control (don’t get me started on the MAC Dark Deed desaster, a blackened red in an amplified finish, what was I even thinking?!) but it is still creamy enough that it is not drying at all. Actually it is very comfortable on the lips. Also I just found a technique to apply dark lipstick without smearing it all over my face, I might even give Dark Deed another go.

Photo 07-11-2013 20 05 32

Rimmel Moisture Renew 630 Coral Britannia

My biggest regret when Rimmel left the German market was that I didn’t try the Moisture Renew lipsticks earlier. I managed to snap up Vintage Pink and Berry Queen on clearance and they are such a winter staple for me, I don’t want to miss them ever again. Either way the range got a re-design, I think they may have re-formulated them as well, but Coral Britannia is just as lovely and moisturizing in texture as the other two I own, maybe a little less buttery and with a little more slip but nothing to get upset about. Coral Britannia is a pale coral-orange, with a hint of pink and some shimmer. So far I have only swatched it on my lips but I can’t wait to wear it.

Along with those two she gave me the super pretty No7 Lip Kit she showed on her blog, too, but I thought I’d also share my 5 cents with you:

The kit has the Stay Perfect Lipstick in Classic Rose and the High Shine Lip Gloss in Smile and a very nice lip brush. One of the appeals of No7 make up for me is that until just recently Lisa Eldridge was creative director for the brand. She is one of my absolute heroes in the make up scene, I admire her style and technique and deeply respect her vast knowledge and experience, but back to the products:

Photo 07-11-2013 20 00 37

No7 Perfect Stay Lipstick in Classic Rose

This thing stays and stays and stays oO It goes on super creamy and then sets matte, it hugs the lips almost like a second layer of skin and it powers through everything: eating, drinking, everything! I still had it on my lips after 8 hours, impressive! The color is what it says on the tube, a beautiful rose color. I’ve been looking for something like this for a while without any luck. Until this came around, it’s perfect: not as in your face as a red lip, not too dark and not invisible like a ‘your lips but better color’. I may show you this in a Face of the Day if I get around to it over the weekend.

Photo 07-11-2013 20 01 36

No7 High Shine Lip Gloss Smile

Normally I am not a lip gloss person. At all. I wore this yesterday though, and was impressed. It is a gloss, alright, but it doesn’t have that tacky glassy gloss that I can’t stand, but more like a creamy shine. For me this is a ‘your lips but better color’ which on top of everything plumps and moisturizes my lips. It does tingle a little bit upon application but that wears off very quickly. It lasts quite long on my lips for a gloss and even after the shine is gone there is still a protective layer on my lips that feels cushion-y and nourishing. It’s so easy to wear and so moisturizing it might become a winter staple, too.

Photo 02-11-2013 20 14 00

Lipswatches (top to bottom): Rimmel Moisture Renew 630 Coral Britannia, Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss 107, No7 Stay Perfect Lipstick in Classic Rose

And another make up dream came true. I now own THE concealer. And it matches my skintone perfectly and it is just amazing, ugh *___*

Photo 07-11-2013 20 08 21

Collection Lasting Finish Concealer in 1 Fair

Oh you guys, I can’t rave enough about this. It is creamy yet covers everything. It sets rather quickly so I wouldn’t start making coffee in between applying and blending it. Once it is in place it stays all day. It doesn’t change color when it sets and it is not drying under the eye. I can absolutely see why everybody is all over this!

I am absolutely in love with all my London goodies! I wish I had five pairs of lips so I could wear them all at once but I will have to limit myself. Thanks again, darling, for giving me these especially Coral Britannia , you know why! I wish it were as easy to share lipsticks as it is nailpolishes.

3 thoughts on “London Love

    • i just love england, period *__* and yeah, you have a bunch of awesome products over there! the second i am not a poor student anymore i’m gonna plan a trip to london, bath and brighton 🙂

  1. I am happy that you are happy! Even if I wish I had found TWO Coral Britannia Lipsticks, but… oh well… I’ll live without it 😉 my life will go on and hopefully on and on and on…!

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