Sunday Round Up #3: Coming Up For Air

New Foundation Combo, Old New Perfume, Someday Someday Maybe, Tudor England Won't Let Me Go, Goodbyes and Twinklelights

New Foundation Combo, Old New Perfume, Someday Someday Maybe, Tudor England Won’t Let Me Go, Goodbyes and Twinklelights

This week was slightly less stressful than the last and I feel like I can make things work again. There is no other way than taking one day at a time and listening to my body and my soul and getting my priorities straight, which is something I am working on right now.

New Foundation Combo
German drugstore chain Rossmann had 30% off of all powders and foundations at the beginning of the week and I caved and picked up the Catrice All Matt Plus foundation in 010 Light Beige. It is one of the lightest shades the drugstore has on offer. It sets a little too dark, but really just a smidgen nothing to get too upset about and I paired it with my Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in 1 Fair. Those two work perfectly together, AND there will be a full review up some time this week.

New Old Perfume
It’s been getting cold around here, we are down to the single digits. As it gets colder I tend to reach for the richer heavier scents and the original Glow by J.Lo is one of those. It was one of the first proper perfumes I ever owned and despite asking for it for christmas, when I received it I realized it was way too heavy for my 16-year-old self.It took me almost 10 years to fall for the scent but now I love it. I already dread the day I run out of it!

Someday Someday Maybe
Whenever I have to do chores around the house, laundry, cleaning, tidying the like OR when I’m taking a bath, I put on  an audiobook to pass the time. Earlier this week I started listening to Lauren Graham’s Someday Someday Maybe, read by Lauren Graham herself. What can I say, it is lovely! If you don’t know her, Lauren Graham played Lorelai Gilmore on the Gilmore Girls, now she is a lead of NBC’s Parenthood. Someday Someday Maybe is about chaotic but sweet Francis ‘Franny’ Banks, aspiring actress in mid-nineties New York. The book so far is charming, witty and all around warm-hearted. The story may not be the most original but is composed and presented in such a sweet way that I have no problem at all to overlook that. I just love to listen to Lauren’s voice and I find myself quite a lot in Franny and not only because we share a first name. If you are looking for something cute and lighthearted to read or listen to, look no further, this is for you!

Tudor England Won’t Let Me Go
You know about my on-going Tudors obsession and my sister fueled that fire even further when she gave me Elizabeth Fremantle’s Queen’s Gambit to read. The book is about Catherine Parr, the last wife of Henry VIII. It begins with the death of her husband Lord Latymer and her reluctant return to court. Of course Cathrine Parr looks like Joely Richardson in my head and Henry like Jonathan Rhys Meyers, what else did you expect :D. The book is written in present tense, which is one of my favorite techniques when I write fiction but I have rarely found an author who does that too. I’m not that far in yet but I really like it so far.
If you want to follow my progress and read my more or less (mostly less) witty  remarks check my goodreads profile in the side bar.

With a very heavy heart I bid two of my most beloved series goodbye; The All Souls trilogy for now and the Borgias for good.
Shadow of Night, part II of the All Souls trilogy  was just as beautiful as A Discovery of Witches. Matt and Diana travel to Tudor England (Elizabeth I’s England that is) on the hunt for the book of life. Aside all the adventures they have there the book also focuses on their growth as a couple and Diana’s coming of age as a witch. I loved snuggling up with them in Woodstock, looking over London from the windows of their place at Blackfriars and travelling to Prague with them to meet with Emperor Rudolf.
Deborah Harkness let me meet all these wonderful characters Jack, Annie, Phillippe, Pierre, Gallowglass and Goody Alsop just to take them away from me again, as Matt and Diana have to return to their own time. Yes, I shed tears for them, I will miss them so much! Especially Phillippe. Thankfully there will be a third part but I will have to wait until July 1, 2014 to get my hands on it. 232 more days ;(
And then there were the Borgias. I finished it last night. It was a surprisingly good ending considering that it wasn’t supposed to be one. And yesterday I didn’t even feel so bad about it all, but today I feel pretty upset. I don’t want to leave Lucrezia, Rodrigo, Vanozza and of course my darling angel of death Cesare. I wish I could have seen how the writers would have gotten themselves out of the corner they seem to have written themselves in at the end of the finale. Alas, that is not going to happen and my heart is very heavy. At least I have all three seasons sitting here so I can re-watch them whenever I like.

Let’s end this Sunday Round Up literally on a lighter note (get it? 😀 ). As I mentioned before winter is coming around here and I dug out more of my twinklelights, I’ve been wanting to wrap some around the headboard of my bed and today I finally got it done, I can’t even tell you how excited I am to go to bed later!

I hope y’all had a lovely relaxing sunday and now on to a successful productive week!

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