Sunday Round Up #4

Photo 17-11-2013 20 32 07

This week was a bit of a slow one and there is nothing too exciting I can really report back about, anyways, here goes:


1. Subway to Sally
After a couple of weeks going without them I re-introduced my favorite band of all time back to my phone (which I use as an iPod) and I am so glad I have them back! Subway to Sally is a German metal band that uses medieval instruments and has strong gothic influences. Unfortunately -in this case anyway- they use German lyrics so it doesn’t make much sense to link you some of their songs since most of you reading my blog are not from German-speaking countries, but if you’d like to listen in anyways I’m sure youtube will help you out. I’m going to see them in concert again on the 21st december this year and I am super excited!

2. Red Panda Eyes
I re-discovered my beloved Smoked Ruby Mineralize Eyeshadow by MAC, which came out in a limited edition 2 years ago I believe. It is a swirl of matte black and shimmery red baked eyeshadow and it creates the nicest wash of black with a red sheen on the eye. I like to wear this shadow all on its own with MAC Feline on the water- and tight line and a thick coat of mascara. Yesterday I added a flicked liner as well and it worked really well. It’s times like these when I’m really glad that in college nobody cares what you wear on your face 😀

3. Had I mentioned my Tudor-obsession lately?
Um, yeah, well. I am almost done with Queen’s Gambit (which I really enjoyed) and when I was at the bookstore to pick up some stuff for school I caved and bought Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel. This book had a way of popping up in my life quite a lot over the last months and after two of my professors and a youtuber whose opinion I highly value because she is an English Lit major like me (though she just wrote her master thesis and I am thisclose to start my bachelor thesis) recommended this, I couldn’t help myself. I also got 10% off because the cover has a tiny tear. So much win! I can’t wait to dig into it 🙂

4. More books
Yesterday, my parish library had a flea market selling off some of their used books and I struck gold: I picked up two from the Lynley-Mysteries series by Elizabeth George which I really like both in the TV and the book version AND I always wanted to read Ian Rankin and there one his books were and I snapped it up. For whatever reason I love reading crime procedurals and thrillers in the winter months so these will be my companions soon.


Next week will hopefully be more interesting both for me and for you guys. I have  a trip to Frankfurt planned on tuesday, so there may be a haul in it for you and I am currently working on a new Up Close and Personal post, so if you are into those watch this spot.

I hope you all had a great week and now on to a happy and productive new one!


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