Collective Haul: Primark, Douglas and the Drugstore

I went on a little spending spree over the last two days, some of it necessary, some of it not so much. Now, this is not a fashion blog, so no fancy pics of the clothing I bought but I have plenty of other stuff to show you.

pants, gloves, bun cushion (the small one is my regular sized one, just to give you an  idea...)

pants, gloves, bun cushion (the small one is my regular sized one, just to give you an idea…)

Let’s start off with Primark anyways. I needed new pants and for some reason the Primark ones fit me very well and on the plus side they are also super inexpensive -> wins all around. I picked up black jeggings for 9€, blue bootcut jeans (haven’t had one of these in 10 years or so, I kinda like that they are back) for 10€ , thick black fleece-lined leggings (I’ve basically worn these non-stop since I came home last night, they are soooo cozy!) for 6€ and  the super cosy microfibre footless tights with fleecy lining (4€). Now to the (slightly) more interesting stuff: a) I picked up black knitted touchscreen gloves, that came in at 1.50€ and they actually work! b) I bought a mahoosive bun cushion. Ever since I saw Carrie wear a really big glamourous bun on Sex and the City I’ve been wanting to wear my hair like that too but I never had the tools, but that is now sorted, I can’t wait to try it out. Would you want to see pictures if I do?

DKNY Pure A Drop of Rose

DKNY Pure A Drop of Rose

At the Douglas store I picked up a perfume I’ve had my eye on for quite a while. When I found out they had reduced the price from 43€ to 20€ I was almost tripping over myself to get to the store. The scent I am talking about is DKNY’s Pure A Drop of Rose. I am absolutely all over everything that is rose-scented at the moment, I can’t get enough and this smells just like a perfect rose: intense, full and warm. I applied it roughly 12.5 hours ago and I can still smell it faintly on me.
Head: Damascus Rose
Heart: Bulgarian rose, freesia, lotus flower
Base: Orchid, amber, sandal wood

L'Oréal shampoo and conditioner, got2b spray mousse and catrice palette <3

L’Oréal shampoo and conditioner, got2b spray mousse and catrice palette ❤

On to the drugstore. Let’s just say things were on sale and I lost it -.-
First off I picked up L’Oréal EverPure moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. I’m almost out of moisturizing shampoo so this was kind of a necessity the conditioner though was pure lust. Yes, my volumizing conditioner of the same brand doesn’t pack enough moisture and I get flyaways but that I could have sorted with my leave-in conditioner and things, but it was on sale and apperantly that is enough for me 😀
After the lovely Kokiriaufeis was raving about the got2b 2 sexy big volume push up volumizing spray mousse (mouthful, jeez!) and I needed something volumizing and my Nivea mousse did the weirdest stuff to my hair AND the got2b stuff was also on sale I picked this up today. I haven’t tried it yet but I liked all the got2b products I have tried and this one smells like raspberries *YUM so I hope it will be great.
And yeah, this happened. I couldn’t bring myself to buy any of the Catrice Arts Collection palettes for the full price because they were pretty but not that special, BUT my Rossmann had reduced them to half-price today aaaaand I caved. The green one is just too pretty. The palette consists of 6 shimmery eyeshadows, a blush, a highlighter and a mini black eye khol with silver shimmer. I might do a seperate blogpost on the palette if you would like to see one (like this post or comment if you still want me to do a review). Can’t wait to try it out tomorrow!

And here is a little bonus:

Photo 20-11-2013 23 55 25

My Pacific Rim dvd arrived tonight (2 days early. I guess that is supposed to make up for the 2 day delay of my Man of Steel dvd). I was buzzing for days after seeing this movie and I can’t wait to start watching this after I’m done writing this post. It is an action movie so the plot is relatively simplistic: Human operated monster robots have to fight monster aliens to save mankind. But it is also a Guillermo del Toro action movie, so it is beautiful to watch and it is not as simple and mind-numbing as your average action movie. The characters are like-able; if you accept the alternate monster robot reality the story is not bad and the ending is a little surprise. 

That was that from me for now. Hope you all had a lovely day!


2 thoughts on “Collective Haul: Primark, Douglas and the Drugstore

  1. yeah, just a teeny weeny spree… will have to be good for the rest of the month -.-
    got the bun-post on my list. i hope i’ll get around to it next week *fingers crossed
    touch screen gloves will be my absolute life- (well, hand…) saver. it’s really starting to get cold here and i know it is such a first world problem but my hands do get really cold when i have to take the gloves off to answer my phone and such. i can highly recommend the primark ones, they really work 🙂

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