Blogmas Day #2: My Favorite Christmas Album

The worst thing about having a cold is the dry flakey nose afterwards, no? So here I sit, combating it with a VERY moisturizing face mask, watching youTube Vlogmas-vids in the background and I’m ready to fill you in on my favorite Christmas album. Oh by the way, Blogmas posts will usually go up rather late especially when I’m working late or have school really late, just so you know.

Also, you guys are completely bonkers! I had over 50 klicks in one day. That’s crazy! Thank you so much! ❤

Back to topic: My favorite Christmas cd, the one I only allow myself to listen to from the first Advent sunday to Candlemass (that’s like the 2nd february, right?), so I never get sick of it, and it never stops being lovely and special.
And it is…..*drumroll*…. Blackmore’s Night’s Winter Carols

If you don’t know Blackmore’s Night, it is the project of Ritchie Blackmore and his wife Candice Night and music-wise it is really nice and upbeat folk-y music with a little gypsy on the side and some beautiful ballads and instrumentals. Aside frome me just loving the music what makes this so special is Candice’s voice, it is so soft and warm *__*The album has regular carols like We Wish You a Merry Christmas, a pop ballad and tracks that lean more in the renaissance direction.

Should you want to listen in (mainly because I am really awful at describing music) here is my favorite from the album We Three Kings:


The songs are quite full on Christmas not Advent at all, but there is nothing that gets me into the festive spirit quite like this one. (I do have Band Aid’s Do They Know It’s Christmas and Melanie Thornton’s Wonderful Dream, but I save those for the last two weeks or so before Christmas)

What gets you into the festive spirit? Is there music you save for special occasions?


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