Blogmas Day #6: [Work in Progress] Christmas Decoration

Sorry guys, this one is really late because I legit fell asleep after work -.- On a lighter note, I finally got around to decorate a little more for christmas. I’m not happy yet and I am not ready yet but I thought I’d show you the progress I made.


Photo 07-12-2013 00 46 09


I finally got my star twinkle lights up on my window *__* I love stars and these are just so pretty, my mum gave them to me a couple of years ago. It’s always a bitch and a half to get them up, but once they are up, it just makes me happy to look at them. The white strings you can see in the pic belong to blue star-shaped glass baubles that I stuck to the window pane. I’ll show you a better pic tomorrow. They give the nicest effect when the sun comes in through the window and they make a nice tinkering sound when the wind goes through them.

Photo 07-12-2013 00 46 25


Remember the tray I bought a few months back? I re-decorated it with purple glitter baubles and the rest of the star lights. Of course I kept my little lamp that I use to melt my Yankee Candle tarts in, man, I can’t wait to dig into my christmas scents soon!

Photo 07-12-2013 00 48 40


Last but not least I wanted to show you one of my advent calendars. I love this one because you get to light one more scented tea light every day. These are vanilla-coffee scented *yum. For the four advent sundays I have four red candles. It is not really an advent wreath but I really like how it came out.

Are your decorations done yet or did you decide to skip them altogether this year?

P.S.: I know how tedious december must be for people who do not celebrate christmas. I’ll try to have a couple more neutral blogpost on here in between all the christmas stuff!


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