Blogmas Day #10: [Christmas Make Up #2] Glittery Lips

Jeez Louise, what a day this was. First off I am running on 2 hours of sleep today, insomnia has me in its ugly paws again. Secondly, the busdrivers in my state are on strike, so I couldn’t get to Uni in the morning, thank goodness my professor was understanding and didn’t add it to my missed-a-lesson-list. As I couldn’t go to school, I went to work early. I worked for 10 hours straight and now here I am waiting for my pizza to get cooked but also very eager to share another Christmas MU with you.

Well, eager-ish. Two things are wrong with this post: 1) I don’t like the pictures, the lighting was horrid and 2) by no means does my camera the sparkle on my lips justice. Either way I picked out the pictures that I didn’t absolutely hate and I will tell you what I did:

Photo 09-12-2013 16 44 35I wanted to put the focus on the lips this time, so I did a very neutral eye with a soft powder liner and applied a glowy rosy blush.

Photo 09-12-2013 16 50 30 Photo 09-12-2013 16 49 54

What I did to my lips is actually super simple but it gives a great effect (I think at least). I applied a matte but still creamy lipstick ( in this case MAC’s Deeply Adored) and coated it in cosmetic glitter (MAC Reflects Pearl). It was SO nice! My lips sparkled from every angle and looked in person a little bit as if they were coated in hoar frost. I wish I had pictures that do the effect justice :(.

I chose a creamy lipstick to give the loose glitter something to stick to. Obviously you can use any color and finish you like, lip glosses might work for this too! A nice aspect, I found, is that the glitter seals the lipstick into place and makes it almost kissproof with out drying the formula out like a powder would, which makes this a very long lasting lip look. I made it safely and with barely any loss of color through eating dinner -> great for parties, or long christmas eve festivities as they are held at my house.

The MAC glitters (they have various different shades) are available in the pro stores and from the website. essence, however, has sparkly shades in their pigments range that you could use, which comes one heck of a lot cheaper than the MAC ones or you could just google cosmetic glitter and I am sure you can find cheaper sources than MAC on the internet. Please be aware that many cosmetic glitters are sadly not eye-safe, as they are basically ground glass. Using them on your lips will surely not hurt you but please double check that you can use them on the eyes before you put them there!

Yes, the glitter lips are bold (especially with that base color) but I am seriously tempted to wear them on christmas eve! What do you think? Should I try to pull it off?


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