Blogmas Day #15: An Apology and a Round Up

First off, guys I have to apologize. I didn’t make it yesterday. I was on the road meeting one of my besties and I didn’t return until 10 at night. I was simply too frazzled to write a proper post.

And on we go with the apologies. This week was boring to say the least. All I did was run around, work and sort things for school and christmas so not much fascinating to report. I only have two or three things, I hope that’s okay! Tomorrow, however, I have another media update for you AND some Catrice previews, but let’s get it on with the round up:

Photo 15-12-2013 23 49 50

1. Empties
I finished a couple of products this week. I love finishing stuff, it has something very satisfying. I finished my old moisturizing shampoo from the Wella ProSeries line (I believe those were recently re-named Vidal Sassoon). I liked the shampoo but I can already tell that my EverPure shampoo is the better moisturizer. I’m bloody proud of myself that I finished a 500ml bottle. Only took me 8 months 😀
After years and years of using up mililiter after mililiter my ancient Elvital Re-Nutrition Night Elixir went. It was by no means a bad product but I really didn’t like the scent, and it lingered in my hair and it didn’t pack as much moisture as I had hoped. I’m glad to see it go. Also I used up another Balea Soft Oil Balm. This one is a definite re-purchase after I used up my alverde body butters. This must be my third bottle and it is simple the most moisturizing, glow inducing, healing product for my poor dry skin. On top of all this I am only 1 or two uses shy of finishing up my Bioderma. I am really sad to see it go but it also gives me the opportunity to play with the drugstore dupes that have recently popped up.


2.Cleaning out my Closet
Well, more like my vanity and beauty product shelves. I was hit by a bit of a cleaning spree today and I threw out a lot of products that I saved but knew I would never use. I found products that are almost empty and got pushed to the back in favor of newer, maybe slightly better products. This is really a habit I need to kick (new year’s resolution?). I made a decision to use them up before buying new stuff. I sorted through my Yankee Candle tart collection and almost had a stroke upon the realization that I have 19 different scents. Again. MUST.USE.UP.SOME.BEFORE.BUYING.NEW.ONES!!!! I still have to go through my clothes and make up (yes, make up. That’s the one thing I am effing scared of), but I might postpone this until after christmas, I simply don’t have the time right now. Seriously I am so on a buying ban in some aspects of my consumerism right now!


3.Speaking of Shopping
When I was out and about with Munderoon yesterday, I picked up two of the movies I had been waiting to pick up for a long time: Skyfall and Zero Dark Thirty.
Aside from being a good film, Skyfall is always tied with the memory of going to this film with my dad and sister and how we all had a great happy afternoon together! I love going to the movies with my dad, but we don’t do it nearly enough.
Zero Dark Thirty was on my radar ever since I watched the Oscars and when I realized Kyle Chandler was in this movie it sealed the deal for me. I haven’t seen either yet, but I can’t wait!


I know it’s a little meagre this week but proper blogging will resume tomorrow. Let’s kiss this week good bye and start into a busy and productive new one!


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