Blogmas Day #16: [Media Update] My Favorite Christmas Movies

Good evening, guys! How was your day? Mine was okay. My bosses really stop my job from being a total suckfest.

Now, after we have been dealing with christmas music and tv, let’s focus on the big screen. Germany doesn’t really have a tradition of christmas movies, it’s only been in the last couple of years that networks and cinemas actually make the effort to show movies that have something to do with christmas. Before, we had the same cutesy period romances airing (I’m looking at you, Sissi) and a couple of classics.

Two years ago or so my favorite network did something amazing: They aired ‘The Holiday’ and ‘Love Actually’ back to back on christmas day. The genius who came up with this should get a medal or something! Either way, from this moment on those two movies were burnt into my heart. And last year I found this thing of awesomeness on


Photo 16-12-2013 21 59 12

Ooooh yes! ‘The Holiday’ and ‘Love Actually’ in one box *__*
Like last year I will save those two for christmas day and I will watch them snuggled up after my long hot bath, with a cup peppermint hot chocolate or marzipan cappuccino and just let the world be the world.

‘The Holiday’ is about two women switching their homes to break away from their lives.

‘Love Actually’ explores love in all its different facettes.


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