Blogmas Day #17: My Favorite Winter Perfumes

I know, I know, it’s tuesday which normally means it’s make up time, BUT due to work reasons I will have to move stuff around and make up time is happening most likely on friday and the post I had planned for tomorrow is happening today.

J.Lo Glow, Miss Sixty Rock Chic, Dita von Teese, Kylie Pink Sparkle

J.Lo Glow, Miss Sixty Rock Muse, Dita von Teese, Kylie Pink Sparkle

If you have been following this blog for a little while you might be ‘Dear God, not again! Please woman, you have been banging on about these for ages.’ Yes, I have. I’m sorry. But I just love them so much! Either way, when wintertime rolls around and it gets cold outside I turn to the warmer scents and I always seem to end up with these.

J.Lo’s Glow is my oldest perfume out of the four mentioned here. It is intense and warm and quite an ‘in your face’ scent. Not everybody’s cup of tea I know, I too needed some time to come around to it but now I love it.

Top: grapefruit, neroli, orange blossom
Heart: tuberose, jasmine, rose
Base: sandal wood, musk, vanilla, amber, orris root

Another favorite of mine over years and years has been Miss Sixty Rock Muse. I bought this when I first moved out, so it really smells like independence to me.

Top: grapefruit, bergamot, red currant, prickle gooseberry, gourmand plum
Heart: jasmine, tea, rose, heliotrope
Base: patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver, musk, Basmati rice

This lovely black bottle is Dita von Teese’s original perfume. Heavy and very classic, it always reminds me of a very classy, cool but very elegantly sexy lady. When I think of traditional, classic perfume this is the kind of scent I picture in my head. (I can’t wait to get my pawsies on her other offerings Erotique and Rouge. I smelled them already and they were to die for.)

Top: bergamot, peony, Bourbon pepper
Heart: Bulgarian rose, Tahitian tiare flower, jasmine
Base: incense, patchouli, musk, guaiac wood, sandalwood

And last but not least Pink Sparkle by Kylie Minogue. I fell for this fast and hard and I sprayed it everywhere including my bedding. I just wanted to wrap myself up in this scent. I still put this on whenever I feel the need for something warm and cozy.

Top: pink grapefruit, lilly of the valley
Heart: white peach, champagne, gardenia, jasmine
Base: musk, vetiver, vanilla

Actually when you look at the scent descriptions it is crazy how many notes they have in common. I didn’t even realize that until I typed it up. Wow.

If my taste in scents looks horribly unsofisticated, I’m sorry! It seems all of my more expensive, prestigious scents are more for spring (like my DKNY Pure Drop of Rose which I can’t stop wearing at the moment but mainly because it’s new [and oh so wonderful])

Do you have a scent that you only wear in winter, or is it the same for you year round?


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