Blogmas Days #19& #20: A New Foundation and Christmas Make Up #3

I missed another day of blogmas. Shame on me! To make up for that I thought I would combine what I wanted to yesterday with what I wanted to do today.

Let’s start with my bare face.

bare faced

bare faced

My skin is quite alright at the moment, only a little redness on my forehead adn cheeks. Next I applied my Catrice Prime and Fine primer, it is Christmas after all and I want my foundation to stay all night.

Catrice Prime and Fine

Catrice Prime and Fine

Photo 20-12-2013 19 45 39

L’Oréal the foundation True Match N1 Ivory

After the Prime and Fine I buffed on my new foundation. I ordered it from as this shade is not available in Germany. It is L’Oréal the foundation True Match in N1 Ivory. I loved L’Oréal’s True Match foundations for a long time, but in Germany they start with N2, which is simply too dark for  me. With the True Match a little goes a long way: One pump is enough to cover my whole face and the foundation feels super light on my skin, almost as if I wasn’t even wearing anything, but it has medium to full coverage. It is important though to shake the foundation up before you apply it otherwise it will look cakey. It stays on well, it makes my skin look great and it has a slightly dewy finish. IT comes in a hefty glass bottle with a pump, which dispenses just enough product for me. It has SPF 17, 30 ml in a bottle and costs around 11€. I highly recommend it!

primer and foundation

primer and foundation

My next step was to apply a primer on my eyes-I used my trusted Maybelline Colortattoo in 65 Pink Gold- and then I filled in my brows, letting the Colortattoo set before applying my eyeshadows.

eyeshadow primer and brows

eyeshadow primer and brows

And now for the fun part: The eye make up:Photo 20-12-2013 19 56 22 I used my MAC Rockers & Reelers palette from a christmas collection from two years ago, but the colors are quite dupable. First I applied the slightly peachy gold (bottom left, Family Treasures) with a fluffy eyeshadow brush, then I patted the white shimmery shadow (top left, White Rabbit) in the tearduct area of my eye and last but not least I blended the bronzey-coppery shade (bottom right, Crown&Sceptre) underneath the eye and very lightly in the crease.

Photo 20-12-2013 20 00 34

eyeshadows done

Photo 20-12-2013 20 01 27You know I can’t leave it like this without some liner. I used MAC Feline on the upper and lower waterline but I only pulled it halfway in, then I applied a slightly winged liner with my Max Factor Colour Expert Waterproof Eyeliner. After the eyeliner I applied powder to set my foundation. I always use my powder before putting on mascara so that it won’t settle on the lashes and make them grey.

eyeliner done

eyeliner done

My Mascara of choice at the moment is the Volume Million Lashes also by L’Oréal. It is super black, defines, volumizes and doesn’t smudge or flake off. Then I applied my blush. I chose a bronzey glowy shade and swept it on the high points of my cheeks and in a slight c-shape up to my temples.

mascara and blusher done

mascara and blusher done

Last but not least I opted for my beloved Rimmel by Kate Moss 107 as a lip. Matte and longlasting but super comfortable to wear, a great companion for the Christmas shenanigans I think!



This is the final look. Excuse the funny face, this actually went up on Instagram  but for some reason, the colors are quite accurate here so I decided to post it here, too 🙂

I love this look, I think this is the one I’m going to wear on Christmas Eve! Oh, you can also see here that I got my hair cut. I like this length even though it is a lot shorter than what I had for a long time. I can’t wait to see what it looks like curled!

I hope you can forgive me for the missed day!




3 thoughts on “Blogmas Days #19& #20: A New Foundation and Christmas Make Up #3

  1. I’ve meant to comment for days…

    Love the bronze shimmer – brings out your eyes!

    I too hate it when they don’t stock all the lighter shades in some countries. Boo!

    For almost 10 years I’ve used Maybelline Mousse foundation in Ivory, even though that shade was too dark for me. Finally, at some point Maybelline started to sell “Light Porcelain” in the UK. I haven’t used anything else since then. 🙂
    Glad to hear / read that you ♥ your new L’Oreal foundation. It looks great for sure.

    And… the Kate Moss lipstick is beautiful! Note to self: BUY 107!

    • gosh, i can’t believe it took me so long to answer #epicfail thank you for your sweet comment ❤ is such a godsent. already have my eyes on some other foundations that i want to try that i can only get from there, oops 😀 only have to switch out my powder now, the one that i use at the mo makes me super yellow 😦

      • Don’t worry. Sometimes it takes me ages to reply as well. Most of the time real life somehow gets in the way… But that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate comments.
        I guess it’s the same for most of us. Sometimes you’d wish the day had 30 hours. 😀

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