Blogmas Days #21 & #22: I Went to a Concert and a Round Up

I went to a concert. Actually it was a little festival really. Four years ago my favorite band Subway to Sally started to put them together and they have been wonderful every year since.

On the last saturday before christmas they play at the Hessenhallen in Gießen and they bring their friends- a bunch of highly talented friends. This year they were accompannied by Lord of the Lost, Lordi and Korpiklaani and boy, did we have an amazing night! I don’t want to go too much into detail, mainly because I haven’t really processed everthing yet. In my head there is a chaos of music, pictures and colors when I think back on last night.  What I remember, though is Lord of the Lost being surprisingly great, Lordi being super cool and funny, Korpiklaani rocking our socks off, Subway making one of my dreams come true by opening with Saraband de Noir (Stille Nacht, EISheilige Nacht !!!11elf), playing an amazing set and Eric (singer of my Subways) crying on stage because it was so beautiful. After four years of going there it already feels like such a tradition to start my christmas with a bunch of metal bands. I finally made it there without getting lost, too (yay me).

Lord of the Lost

Lord of the Lost

A Lordi santa? Yes, please!

A Lordi santa? Yes, please!



Subway let it snow *__*

Subway let it snow *__*

Eric serenading Frau Schmitt with his bagpipe

Eric serenading Frau Schmitt with his bagpipe

Photo 22-12-2013 00 00 38

Bodenski and Simon (Subway) donning their santa hats for ‘Julia und die Räuber’ (Julia and the outlaws)

Now let’s move on to the Sunday Round Up, so here’s what happened this week:

1.) My room is all ready for christmas. Wanna see?

Photo 22-12-2013 22 20 50


My favorite parts of my room are my sort of walk in book case:

Photo 22-12-2013 22 21 22And clearly my bed, my favorite place on earth!

Photo 22-12-2013 22 21 33I don’t think I can squeeze it in before christmas but I want to wash the two sheepskins I have and actually put them in my bed. I used to sleep on them all the time but after the move I kind of stopped. Time to put them to good use again, it is winter after all.

2. More getting ready for christmas
I dyed my hair again, kind of  a golden brown this time. Closer to my actual hair color. I think it will need one or two more washes to look the way it should (right now it is still a little rich and dark). I really like the Schwarzkopf Brilliance dyes. They leave my hair super soft and glossy. They are a little pricier but seem to be well worth the money.

Photo 22-12-2013 22 23 18

Last but not least: My fave nailpolish combo:

Photo 21-12-2013 00 52 21

OPI Russian Navy and

I know, we have a seperate blog for this, but I liked it so much I thought I’d share it here, too. I bought Russian Navy and in a set and whoever thought of putting these two together deserves an award, they work together brilliantly! Deeds on the sisterhood blog as soon as I can manage. I know I hve been neglecting the sisterhood blog this month but I really wanted to get Blogmas right and then life happened so I’m sorry about that. I might just catch you up on all of the manis I wore in the last weeks in one post. We’ll see. There is still a lot to do until christmas eve and both my parents are feeling poorly so the majority of the work is on me this time (which is completely okay, just fyi). For some reason I can’t wait to brave the storm. Nope, don’t know what’s wrong with me either.

Do you guys have all your work done for the holidays already, or do you have to get sh*t done tomorrow, too?

Either way, let’s take this week as it comes, be strong, be patient, be kind especially in the light of looming relative invasion  in a couple of days. Let’s have ourselves a good, productive week, guys!





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