Blogmas Day #25: Let’s Wrap This Up, Shall We?

I dropped the ball. I’m sorry. But let me take you through the last few days diary-style, so if you are interested keep on reading, if not, I’m not mad! I love you, thank you for giving me some of your precious time, I hope you enjoyed yourselves reading my blog, your participation made it all worth it!

Now to the other five of you that would like to know how my last few days went: just come along 🙂

On the 23rd of december I basically did nothing but clean. I cleaned the entire house which was a bit of a ride but VERY satisfying. My sister came home from bavaria, where she is currently doing a sort of volunteer year before going off to college next fall and at night we trimmed the tree as it is tradition in my family. We always put the tree up the night before christmas eve. When my sister and I were little my parents would trim the tree at night when we were asleep, decorate the living room and lock the door so that we couldn’t sneak in on the 24th and ruin the surprise. This year however we trimmed the tree together and had Disney’s A Christmas Carol running in the background which was so nice.

After a short night the 24th rolled around with more preparations for the main event, which is christmas eve proper over here in Germany and I mainly spent it with preparing the potato salad with my dad. A lot of families in Germany have potato salad and sausages on christmas eve for dinner. I believe I talked about this before, but the proper national dish of Germany is potato salad. Every family has their own recipe that has been handed down and perfected for generations. So if anybody tries to tell you about haxen and sauerkraut- nobody north or west of bavaria eats that. Sorry to burst that bubble. We do like our beer, though :D.
In the afternoon I had  a LOOONG shower and a proper pamper as I was getting ready for the night. I snuck in a cleansing and a moisturizing face mask and treated my body to some rose scented body oil. I wore the last christmas make up I posted for the night and essie sable collar on my nails. I am so in love with that polish! If it were up to me I would be perfectly content at the moment to go back and forth between OPI Russian Navy and essie sable collar.

FotN + curls

FotN + curls



After we all sat down for a cup of tea and chai latte, my dad lit all the candles in the living room and we all gathered our presents and sat down to sing some carols together, read the gospel and exchange presents. We had a lovely time!
Our christmas dinner consisted of smoked salmon and toast as a starter and then the potato salad and sausages. My dad and I had a lovely franconian white wine to go with it.
Then it was time for midnight mass. I am catholic so you can imagine it was quite a pompous affair but I love that. I love the lights and the organ, and that everybody is dressed up and super excited and happy. It is definitely one of my favorite services to go to. Afterwards we chatted with our friends, exchanged presents and basically stood in front of the church for over an hour keeping all the neighbors awake (oops :D). As it is tradition in my family we had a glass of bubbles before going to bed. Note to self: Don’t start watching Zero Dark Thirty while slightly tipsy and very sleepy. You WILL fall asleep, have weird dreams, wake up and wonder what the hell just happened. -.-

So now it’s the 25th, a day of rest in my family. We had brunch, I caught up on youtube videos, and now I’m sitting here wrapping up blogmas for you guys. I hate that I dropped the ball towards the end of it. I had been so good at first. Anyways, to you who are still reading, again, thank you so much for being a part of this! I really enjoyed doing this even if some posts were a lot of work but I loved every second. A special thanks to Ginger of gingerlovesmakeup! Thank you so much for liking and commenting, it means the world to me!
I’m waving blogmas good bye with a laughing and a crying eye.

I hope you all are having a great christmas with family and friends, and if you are not celebrating christmas I hope you have a lovely relaxing time! To all the people who have to work on christmas, medical workers, police, fire department, radio and tv stations, etc. thank you so much for your hard work, for keeping us safe and entertained!

Regular blogging will resume in a couple of days.

Good night and good luck everyone, see you soon!


3 thoughts on “Blogmas Day #25: Let’s Wrap This Up, Shall We?

  1. OK, so I’m reading this post…

    1. When I was a kid the family decorated the tree together. Every Boxing Day my brother and I tried to get up early but we never made it on time to see Santa. Damn! We almost made it once, though. My brother was awake early one Christmas morning and woke me up. We both rushed into the living room to find my dad with a couple gift boxes in his hands. “Where’s Santa???”, we demanded an answer. My dad said we had bad luck because we just missed him, and that he just went out the back door. Next thing my brother and I – in our pyjamas – ran out in the back yard and we kept calling for Santa. 😀

    2. Reading on… This year I too made potato salad! But not because of tradition, but because I didn’t have much left in the fridge, apart from eggs, mayo, pickles and fresh parsley. 🙂

    3. Reading on, smiling… I used to love being tipsy and watching the telly. My hubby and I used to travel to Europe a lot. Netherlands, Germany, Austria, sometimes we’d go to Belgium or France… every time we arrived in Germany, we’d sek out the nearest supermarket and buy edle tropfen und yogurette. In bulk. Then, back in the hotel, we’d gobble up the yogurette bars (sugar, woohoo!) first, and then we’d stuff our faces with edle tropfen while watching some rerun of The Avengers. That too can give you weird dreams! 😀

    4. Keep on reading… a thank you? To me? Awwwwww, this is sooo lovely of you! Thanks YOU for this blog. I DO love reading about your daily antics and make-up and music…
    Keep up the good work!

    PS: Lookin’ gorgeous, darling!!

    Take care,
    Ginger xo

    • thank you so much! I’ll do my best to keep the blog interesting, i’m having so much fun with it 🙂 and thanks for the compliment! i just love getting ready for christmas eve.
      also thank you for sharing all of these memories with me 🙂 i love yogurette bars, must pick up a pack in the near future! my sister and i were always waiting for the ‘Christkind’ which roughly translates to baby jesus but we never met him either 😀 your potato salad version sounds yummy, i like trying new potato salad recipes, tweaking the dressing a little bit and such but in the end we always come back to our vinaigrette version, oh well!

      • Thanks for your lovely response, darling!
        A vinaigrette potato salad? Sounds interesting!
        I have to look up some recipes and try it myself.
        I only know how to make potato salad with mayo.

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