Popping the Cherry: My First Kosmetik Kosmo Wunderbox

After solemnly vowing to never fall into the beauty box trap, I did fall (at least a little bit) on New Year’s Day. I ordered one of the Kosmetik Kosmo Wunderboxes. Kosmetik Kosmo is a German indie brand by German youTuber Koko von Kosmo.

Photo 03-01-2014 16 43 44

Some time ago she started to create her own beauty boxes, filled with goodies from her shop with roughly a 25€ value but a 12.49€ price tag. She has a couple of permanent ones that you can order at all times but she also packs a new limited one every month and they sell like crazy. With the permanent ones you can check on the internet by now what is in them but the limited ones you have to buy blind, your decision only based on a trailer and the name of the box, because usually by the time the Unboxing posts and videos go online the box has sold out.

I was never intrigued enough to buy one until 3 days ago. The trailer strongly suggested that the box would have something to do with brushes. One of Koko’s trademark products are her brushes. My ears pricked up. I have some of her eyeshadows, I once ordered some Sigmar brushes from her shop, but I don’t have any of her own brand. Long story short I caved. The box arrived today.

So here is what was in it:

Photo 03-01-2014 16 44 04

Photo 03-01-2014 16 44 46



And here they are, the four beautiful brushes that were housed in the box:

The big fluffy one is Kontur Krista, a tapered synthetic duo fibre brush, meant to contour the face. I can’t wait to use this one. I’ve been wanting to buy a brush like this for a long time.

Next in the picture is Lidschatten Lisbeth, a slightly angled, fluffy eyeshadow brush, followed by Präzisions Pia, a slim pencil brush and Eyeliner Elke an angled liner brush.

Pia was the only brush of which I already had two dupes of but then again, you can never have enough pencil brushes, right? It is also the only one that I have already used when I did my make up to go to the library earlier (ain’t nothing wrong about bringing some glamour to the the library, no?).

In total the value of this particular box was 29.06€. I paid 12.49€ + 3.95€ shipping. I paid via paypal and they were super fast: I ordered on the first, which is a nationwide holiday over here, the parcel was mailed yesterday and arrived today in the afternoon (insert Boris Johnson ‘VERY NICE’ here).

I can’t wait to properly test drive the brushes, I have heard so much good stuff about them.

(If you are wondering why I am completely ignoring the fact that a new year has arrived, I am not. Blogposts with thoughts about the old and the new year and beauty best of’s are going online over the week end [if you are at all interested])


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