[Project Clean Up] Life is too Short for Bad Lipsticks!

New year – new project. Over the course of 2014 I want to drastically reduce my make up and nailpolish collection, generally this year is about cleaning, organizing and finding solutions. If you like you can come along because I plan on turning [Project Clean Up] into a series on this blog.  I took my first baby step today 🙂

Photo 16-01-2014 21 54 56

I have a humongous lipstick collection. At least for one person alone. Granted I am a lipstick girl and there is barely anything else I wear but still. I have 19 different nude lipsticks. I mean, seriously?! And don’t get me started on the amount of red lipstick I have, if I’d start to count those I would probably end up rocking myself back and forth on the floor, humming to myself.

just a few nude lipstick swatches

just a few nude lipstick swatches

I did my first run through through my collection this day. I eliminated the ones that had gone bad (a whopping two out of all of them) and put a couple on probation. Probation means that I will wear those over the next couple of days. If I am not happy with how the lipstick performs or how the shade looks on me they get the boot.

In total I put eight lipsticks on probation:

Photo 16-01-2014 22 07 05

I know that this is just a teensy step but hey, we all have to start somewhere, no?

I have to admit that I kept all of my Catrice lipsticks as well as all of my L’Oréal nudes, Rimmel lippies and Astor lipbutters without really looking at them. Cutting some of those is just too painful for now. (I also completely left out my higher end lippies from MAC.)

My plan is though, to only keep the best versions of each shade, eliminate dupes and eventually colors that I don’t wear.

Eliminating those that are pretty but I don’t wear is the hardest step because I keep telling myself that it’s good to have them because one day I will need just this color (yeah right!).

Do you want to come along as I take inventory of my lipsticks? I’m thinking about using the rest of this month to go through my lipstick collection by brand, swatch them and maybe eliminate some more. In addition to that I could go over my favorite textures, mattes, lip butters, etc. Let’s turn this into a lip centric month! I will not abandon the staples like the Sunday Round Ups, Media Updates and I have another Up Close and Personal in the works so it wouldn’t be JUST lipsticks. Sound good?

I hope you all have a lovely time wherever you are in your day! Read you soon 🙂


One thought on “[Project Clean Up] Life is too Short for Bad Lipsticks!

  1. So, there will be lippie weeks ahead? Love the idea!
    I too have way too many lipsticks, and I should go through my stash to see which ones will have to be rehomed (from their pretty and cosy beauty box to the bin).
    But I’ll see how you do first. 😉

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