Sunday Round Up #10


Good evening guys! I hope you all had a good week. Mine was rather productive, yay! Right now I am blogging from my phone because my internet connection won’t allow me to have two laptops connected at the same time, dunno why. I am currently streaming the AFC finale but I wanted to get the Round Up out anyway. Here goes:

1. Face of the Week
I wore a very Catrice-centric warm face this week, above you can see the swatches. On my eyes I was wearing the silky smooth beautifully satin sheeny olive green from my new Catrice quad 080 Yellow Submagreen (heads up: this one is leaving the range, if you want it pick it up while you can), I darkned the outer v with the darkest shade in the quad. Go to mascara of the moment is the L’Oréal Volume Million Lashes. I like it but I am not crazy about it we’ll see how it goes. For a warm bronzey glow I am using one my all-time fave blushes, the absolutely ancient Catrice Mineral Soft Powder Rouge in 140 Terra Brown. Catrice’s new shimmery bronzer should give about the same effect. The lipstick in this line up is my absolute favorite of the moment. I never thought I could pull off a color like that! It is Catrice Ultimate Color 260 It’s A Matt World. In the tube it looks like bright classic red, on the lips however it turns into a bright orangey tomato red with a matte finish. It’s super comfortable to wear and has a great color pay off. I look forward to wearing this lippy every single day at the moment.

2. New Year-New Diet
I believe I mentioned it before but I changed up my diet completely. No bready carbs (aka no potatoes, no rice, no pasta, no white flour)barely any candy (only my beloved dark chocolate got to stay) and loads and loads of unsweetened tea. I am now 2 weeks in and I feel a lot better and I don’t miss anything aside the regular ‘that time of the month’ cravings, which I was able to control very well. Please note that I am not telling anybody what to do, but the new diet still takes up a lot of my time and thoughts, so I hope you’ll be fine with me harping on about this in the next couple of weeks.

3.It’s an Eminem- kind of time
I re- discovered my love for Eminem. I grew up with his music and I remember how unhappy my parents were when ‘My Name Is’ and such came blasting from my room. Now more than 10 years later it came back to me, but not only the old stuff but I also came to love Recovery and the Marshall Mathers LP2. Eminem has come a long way, I have come a long way, fits perfectly.

That was it for this week. Now, let’s put a tick to it and move on into a healthy productive new week! Have a good one!

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