Sunday Round Up #11

I’m a little late, I’m sorry! This week was really busy and my life will continue to be so until the immediate exams are over, but it’s okay, I feel like I am on top of everything, I’m focused and I manage to get things done, yay :)) Now let’s see what else has been going on this week

Photo 26-01-2014 22 56 31

Linkin Park
Last week was an Eminem week this week was a Linkin Park week with some Eminem on the side. I seem to be reliving my teenage years music-wise at the moment. At the moment I have Meteora and Hybrid Theory on my phone and they are just angry enough for me. You know me by now and you know that I am no good with pink sugar pop and need some oomph and some anger at times and Numb, Figure.09 and Somewhere I Belong cater perfectly to that.

Lipton Teas
When I changed my diet my worst fear was that of the unsweetened drinks. I still can’t drink a glass of water without a mini splash of juice but tea has been my savior. I started with the Lipton black tea with blueberry muffin flavor and this stuff is brilliant. It smells like blueberries with hint of creamyness to it, but not artificial at all. My next little helper to get over the white flour withdrawels is the green tea with strawberry cupcake flavor. I like green tea a lot because it really helps with my skin. Again it doesn’t taste artificial, it doesn’t get bitter and smells amazing. When I’m more into caffein-free options I go for the Canada fruit infusion (apple and maple syrup *YUM) and for my absolute favorite combination peppermint and cinnamon called Morocco. Lipton has really hit it out of the ballpark with their flavors for me, if you like and can find them give them a try.

Finding BookTubers
I am currently expanding my YouTube palate and I have gotten greatly into bookshelf tours, book hauls and reviews. Unfortunately I haven’t found a booktuber (other than booksandquills whom I adore) that I would like to subscribe to. (I am subscribed to CassJayTuck as well but she doesn’t really upload anymore and therefore doesn’t count) And that’s where you guys come in: If you watch booktubers, which ones do you like, can you recommend any? I am also playing with the thought of just shooting some footage of my bookshelves and putting it online, we will see.

Finishing Scherbenmond
Sticking with the topic of books, I finally finished Scherbenmond. I had issues with this book. I really really wanted to love it, but, boy, did Ellie get on my nerves and her relationship to Colin… I don’t know, it seemed to be so unsubstantial. Maybe I am just too old for this I don’t know, but I think if any relationship makes you this unhappy, maybe  it is time to finish the task at hand (save your brother) and then cut your losses and move on. Strangely Colin seems to agree with me. I am planning to read Dornenkuss (thorn kiss, book three) right after but  I don’t know if I have the patience to finish it, especially since I have already read that Ellie does not get her shit together in the last book.

Alright, guys, I hope you had a good week that held everything for you that you were hoping it would, and now let us all together move on into a productive new week! 


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