Sunday Round Up #13: Empties, New Desk Set Up and a Book

Good day, guys!
I am positively wiped today. I spent 8 hrs moving, decluttering and organizing my desk. I am about to start work on my BA thesis and I also have another paper to write (which feels so unsubstantial now that I have this beast officially hopping around in the background). I can’t wait to get going. I mean, I want to spend the rest of my doing research and writing about it and this is just the first step in the right direction.

Photo 23-02-2014 20 52 29

So here you can see my day’s work. I tried to keep the desk as empty as possible, I need space and I love the pattern on my desk, I would like to see it. But I had to have my glass candlesticks on there I love them so much, and yes, there is a skull on my desk. Memento mori, ladies and gentlemen :D.
On the right side of the picture you can see part of my vanity. That one I have decluttered, too, but I am not happy with the set up yet. I still have some thinning out to do but I am proud of myself for every product I chuck out. Of course I will report on my reduced collection when I’m ready.

I also finally read a book just for fun from back to back again. In two days, I was that starved.
I devoured Tess Gerritsen’s Ice Cold in the German version (Totengrund). Maura Isles gets lost on a trip in the snow and ends up in an abandoned village, creepy things ensue.
I loved it. It was really suspenseful, fast paced, with twists and turns. I love the Rizzoli&Isles books in general, I have read 3 of them by now and they were all great. Too bad I’m on  a book ban right now. Oh well…

Photo 23-02-2014 22 50 07

And last but not least, the empties of the last couple of weeks. I am still on a ‘Use up all the crap you have’ kinda trip and I am making progress.
I used up my Schauma Cotton Fresh dry shampoo. It smells nice, works well, but as with any other dry shampoo I have to be careful with the whitecast but it is controllable. I am currently testing my way through the dry shampoo range and this one I definitely like. Next I used up another alverde Body Butter this time a limited edition one from the christmas pack I bought.  It smelled like apple and raisins and I quite liked it. The scent is not overpowering though and doesn’t last too long on the skin. The body butter is just as moisturizing as the regular version, I have already started another one. While I use the body butters after showering I use other body creams before bed. I used up the Balea Brazil Mango bodylotion which was limited edition over the summer. The scent was amazing but it was not rich enough for my severly de-hydrated skin, next up I used up a tub of the Balea Pflegecreme, which is a very basic body cream formulated for dry skin. It was much better than the Mango bodylotion for my skin, but I felt it was a bit sticky on my skin and still not moisturizing enough. I have two more tubs of cream that need using up and then I am free 🙂
I also used up two perfume samples: YSL Belle D’Opium and Paco Rabanne Lady Million. I liked both but probably not enough to shell out for one of the two in full size, also, I have another Lady Million sample stashed away.
On a more random note, I used up a Garnier mineral Invisible Black White Colors deodorant. It was okay but I am trying to stay away from aluminium in deodorants at the moment, I already replaced it with an aluminium-free one.
I used up another one of my longliner pens, this one just fell victim to the finals.
And I used up two more boxes of tea: My Lipton strawberry cupcake green tea and the Lipton Canada tea, which is basically an apple/ maple syrup flavored fruit tea. The Canada tea has been sadly discontinued in my area so I cannot repurchase that anymore but the strawberry cupcake green tea was really yummy and I will definitely pick this one up again. Lipton has quickly become one of my favorite tea brands, they have really unique flavors.


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