Going for the Chop: My Updated Haircare Routine

I mentioned it before, about two weeks ago I went to the chopping block. Figuratively, because going into the oral exam kinda felt like that and in a way literally, as I went to the hairdresser’s afterwards to get another chunk of my hair chopped off.

Before Christmas I already lost about 15cm (that’s like 7 inches, no?) but I didn’t like the length in the end. It wasn’t long and it wasn’t short. Off I went to get that fixed. Mind you my hair is still not that short, and the front bits are considerably longer than the rest, but it is shorter than it has been in about 4 years.

This somewhat radical chop took all the dry broken bits out of my hair. I was left with a healthy strong mane. I do dye my hair though, which is never a good thing for your hair and because of the structure of the long bob I am sometimes tempted to use straighteners to make everything super sleek and neat.
I keep the heat setting as low as possible but I currently have a love/hate relationship with my heat protectant. If I don’t use it sparingly and carefully it dries out my  hair and makes it crunchy, which actually tempts me not to use any heatprotectant at all (bad, very bad). I still use my Elnett Super Sleek spray to keep everything in place.

Photo 08-03-2014 22 46 35

Ever since I am the owner of  a healthy bob, I cut quite a few products from my routine. For instance my heavy duty moisturizing shampoo from the Everpure line I had to let go because it was simply too much for my hair and scalp, I still use my Schwarzkopf detangler but very sparingly. I might actually go for a lighter one once I run out of the one I have.
In place of the Everpure shampoo I am currently using the Elvital Fibralogy shampoo (Elvive Fibrology Thickening shampoo in the UK by the way). It leaves my hair volumized but not dried out like so many other volumizing thickening shampoos used to do. It also doesn’t make me more oily than I already am which is always a plus. So far I can really recommend it.
Because I just died my hair I am currently using the Everpure moisturizing conditioner. When I am fully convinced that my hair is back to normal I am going back to the Everpure volumizing one, mainly to use it up, but also because it is simply enough for my hair at the moment.
My cleansing shampoo for the moment is Lush I love Juicy and deep conditioner is still the one from Everpure. The cleansing I have also suspended until my hair is back to normal (it already feels normal but better safe than sorry).
If I want to give my hair an extra round of moisture I use the Pantene Pro-V’s moisturizing soufflé. It smells great and gets the job done.

Photo 08-03-2014 22 47 50

I rarely use any of the styling products I used to. Only the got2b 2 sexy volume spray mousse I use every now and again, but I don’t really need it anymore because of the shampoo (at least to a degree) and because my hair is shorter, therefore lighter and holds the volume better.

My dry shampoo of the moment is by Syoss. It works okay, but after using it for a while I think I like the Schauma one better, which I mentioned in my empties some time ago.

It feels really strange to have somewhat healthy normal hair after years and years of having severly dry damaged hair and for now I think I have found a way to maintain it despite dying my hair every couple of months.


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