Sunday Round Up #15

This week has brought a couple of new responsibilities, as my mother is at the hospital at the moment and it falls to me to keep me and my dad alive and keep the household in shape. My dad is working 10 hours a day and I really don’t want him to have to worry about food, the laundry, etc. So the first thing I am going to mention this week goes in line with all that:

Photo 10-03-2014 01 07 11

1. Cooking and baking
I have been cooking my first curry this week and it went rather well. It could have been a little more spicey but aside from that I think it was yummy. I try to stick with the low carb theory on my food as much as I can and find healthy options with loads of fresh produce and little meat. Yesterday my dad and I made red cabbage from scratch which I love and I baked a low carb cake, which turned out really chocolatey and nutty and I don’t think you would miss regular cake at all. I really want to try the low carb lemon muffin recipe I found for saturday and turn them in not so low carb lemon cupcakes for us to snack on while watching the Veronica Mars Movie, which brings me to:

2. Finishing Veronica Mars and how great this friday and saturday are going to be
I finished my Veronica Mars re-watch and I am now all sorts of ready to watch the movie on saturday with my best friends. I still can’t believe that we actually got this movie made and that it is going to be released all over the world on the 14th via vod. It will be released in selected German theaters as well and I will hopefully get to see it there, too, but that I get to share it with my besties on saturday means the world to me. Granted out of the three of us I am the Veronica Mars nerd (or marshmallow, as we like to call ourselves), Snowhoney has seen the show and likes it too and if I am informed correctly it is going to be Munderoon’s first proper contact with Veronica Mars. I already got to see the first 8 minutes of the movie and I found so many little references, which are not important generally but I know which episode they go back to and that makes me fangirl every couple of seconds over the whole thing.
On top of all this my favorite band Subway to Sally are going to release their new album on friday and I have already pre-ordered it. I hope amazon manages to deliver it on time. The little samples I got to listen to sound more than promising.

3. Eye combo of the week
In the vein of the Veronica Mars re-watch I was inspired by her make up look in the last season. She wore a very shimmery grey-brown color with a strong golden sheen. I have something similar in my collection in the essence marble mania shadow 02 let’s get twisted. I normally don’t like baked eyeshadows but this one is really soft and has great color pay off. I blended it all over the lid and through the crease (mono-smokey eye) and then I used a black pencil to draw on a smudgey half line with a slight flick. Last but not least I used my new favorite mascara the Catrice Glamour Doll Waterproof. This stuff is incredible. It holds a curl like no other and really lengthens, fans out and seperates the lashes and it removes way easier than the Max Factor False Lash Effect. I am currently working on chapter 2 of Confessions of a Mascara Addict, so more on the mascara and pictures and such on there. Hopefully I can get it up this week.

4. Empties
I finished up a pack of bebe young care cleansing wipes for dry and sensitive skin. I really like those, the bebe cleansers are the only ones that effectively remove the Max Factor FLE WP without straining lid and lashes. It just comes right off. I bought other wipes this time but I have a hunch that I will come back to the bebe ones sooner or later.
I used up another tub of the alverdy body butter and already have another one on the go. I don’t think I have to say much about these anymore.
And lastly I finished up a Mexx woman Spring Edition. I wore this to work to use it up. It was just too fruity for me and I have no idea what got me to buy it. It was by no means a bad product but it didn’t suit my taste anymore.

5. Quick Project Clean Up Update
I spend most of the evening today reducing my eyeshadow collection. I tossed all of the bad quality shadows and the dupes of better quality shadows. I still have a sizable collection but it is way less than it used to be. I also tossed a couple of blushes. Very liberating I tell ya. Mind you those were all drugstore blushes and eyeshadows, my MAC collection will remain intact. But then again I don’t have any dupes or doubles in there…

That was it for me this week. It had darkness and highlights, but as they say, we need the darkness to see the light properly. I hope you had a week with more light than darkness and now let’s move on into a productive, light-filled new week.


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