Picture Post: Desk Tour

Photo 20-03-2014 14 09 03A couple of weeks ago I told you how I had moved my desk around and today I thought I’d show you the result a little better, now that I actually have worked a little here and have become comfortable with the new set up.

If you were wondering my glass desk top as well as the base are from IKEA.

I love the base to pieces, as they give me a little extra storage room.

Photo 20-03-2014 14 09 42

Photo 20-03-2014 14 09 24On the one side I keep a box with teas and other hot drinks as well as my summer drinking cup (I really need to downsize my collection here I know). On the other side I keep school materials and some candles in the pretty box. Special bonus, my purse fits really nicely in with the folders. The bin-type thing in the top picture is also by IKEA and I store my spare plastic bags in there so I can re-use them whenever I need one.

Photo 20-03-2014 14 10 25On the right side of my desk I keep my pencil roll and pad as well as my journal and the book Snowhoney made for me for Christmas. I want to eat more fruit so I keep an apple and a knife handy. In the back you can also see my nail bag, nailpolish remover, handcream and some polishes that I want to wear and review in the future. And then there is my skull on the book between the candles. I love this thing and even though I can’t see it when my laptop is open I still know it’s there. Memento mori, Ladies and Gentlemen. One of my favorite concepts at the moment.

Photo 20-03-2014 14 10 46What I love about the center part of my desk is that semi transparent mat. I tend to keep to do-lists for my every day life and the blogs under there as well as documents that I can’t lose and need to take care of in the near future. In the center I have a written version of the lyrics of Rock, Paper, Scissors by Katzenjammer. Snowhoney made this for me a while ago and it has been on my desk ever since. The lyrics mean a lot to me and are quite an inspiration for my life.

Photo 20-03-2014 14 10 33Against the wall there are more note pads, boxes with documents (being an adult is annoying at times), my lucky pigs, my Pensacola pelican and the books I am currently working with (Sociolinguistics and Varieties of English: The Pacific and Australasia, pageturners I tell ya [actually they really arent’t that bad]).

When it comes to beauty I need some refreshers on my desk, especially now, that I am confined behind my laptop for an average of 8 hrs. Immediate refreshers are my handcreams. I currently have the I love… glitter&gold one sitting out which smells amazing and the Hand san 5% Urea which works amazingly well. On top of that I keep facial wipes handy to mop down my face should I feel sticky and gross. The ones I am currently using are by Lacura beauty (Aldi Süd). They have Salicylic acid which my skin loves.

Photo 20-03-2014 14 10 09And last but not least I have a bowl with my favorite powders (setting, blush, bronzer) on here. It’s another thing I really love looking at.

Photo 20-03-2014 14 09 57


I really love my bronze-y shades at the moment can you tell?

Another thing that I have always at the ready is a blanket and a fleece jacket because I always cool out like nobody’s business when I’m just sitting around typing.

What beauty stuff do you have on your desk to make work a little less tedious?









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