Sunday Round Up #20

This was the week of headaches and new things. That being said I still have a headache but I am pushing through this, so bear with me! Also, would someone enlighten the Jets that it is 18 Sundays ’till kick off not 19, unless they have a first week bye (which I highly doubt) then I take everything back.

Photo 28-04-2014 00 29 42

1. Mini UpCloseAndPersonal
It’s hard for me to type this out or even say it out loud, but I have issues getting my shit together for the thesis. I’m behind on everything including submitting my abstract and outline. I just can’t find an beginning or end. I started reading one of the novels I want to use again and take notes and it just takes forever and I can’t make myself focus. Maybe I should read secondary sources instead so I can actually formulate a theory. I am losing my footing. I gave myself until the middle/ end of June to turn in the paper and at this speed I won’t be able to make it. I am failing and the worst thing is I am failing myself. I am letting myself down and I can’t get my crap together. I make a vow to myself to give myself a fresh start every day. That I would start with a clean slate but that isn’t working either. We are getting to the point where I can’t look myself in the eyes anymore and it is affecting my whole life. Why is it so hard for me to turn things around right now, I used to be so good at it. I am heartily exhausted of everything. I want to curl up in my cocoon and not let anyone in. That would be nice.


2. On a lighter note:
– on Wednesday I went to IKEA and picked up another storage element for my make up. I am not ready yet  and not perfectly content with the set up but I am working on  a blogpost about it. I am still working on overhauling my room and I am making more progress every week (baby steps at the moment but it is at least something).

Photo 18-04-2014 12 59 02 Photo 18-04-2014 12 59 20

– I got rid of a big plastic bag of make up and skin care that I wasn’t using anymore. I won’t go through it in detail because that would just make me pull out products that I already put away because I still *might* need them at some point, so the pictures of the bag will have to suffice. Instead I would rather like to show you bits and bobs that I kept in my collection.

Photo 26-04-2014 11 07 37

– Oh the colored liner! I’ve been playing extensively with colored liner especially the ‘holo’ liner by Catrice (It’s duochrome. Again. Never mind.) It’s rather sheer but gives a nice purple-y grey effect especially over black liner. And I picked up the turquoise liner from the essence beach cruisers collection (which looked like nothing special in the press release, but the liners and polishes are actually really nice). The turquoise liner is kind of a jelly texture with some glitter in it, however, the glitter is not scratchy or irritating at all. It says on the bottle the liner would stain the skin but I applied it over a white pencil and it removed just fine, no staining or weird marks whatsoever. I will wear that liner a lot in the hotter months, it’s such a nice pop of color.

-I am in such a summery mood at the moment. Probably because the weather was really sunny and nice recently. I am all for the turquoises, corals and bright reds at the moment. My Call Me Bubbles quad by MAC was at my side a lot, also my light pink blushes like MAC’s The Perfect Cheek and my beloved MAC Crew cheek powder, which was actually marketed as a highlight I believe.

Photo 20-04-2014 12 23 32

3. Media shizz
– I’m in the last season of Friday Night Lights and I am super emotional at the moment, so that is a brilliant mix. I already miss everyone, and I both eagerly await and dread the very last episode. I can’t wait to see the Smash and Tyra again but it’s also heartbreaking that it is over.

-I’m all caught up on Vikings and have already pre-ordered the second season on dvd, it is SO good, and before you ask I love Aslaug and Lagertha in different ways but equally and I am not mad at Ragnar. I was, briefly, but he and I, we are good now. What irks me a little are the blatant mistakes that were made in the wedding episode. I know they were probably made to make it easier for the viewers but it doesn’t change the fact that they are wrong and I know better, and  for some reason it really pissed me off. Why make such big compromises now, after being so relatively close to science before? Oh well, my ranting won’t help anyone so I’ll quit it here, but still. Hnph.

– I finally got the Diamond Edition of the Little Mermaid. It is my favorite Disney movie and the Diamond Edition has the English version as well as the German dubbing from 1989 and the newer one (which I choose to ignore). I have the 1989er dubbing on VHS and kinda grew up with it, so getting the newer dubbing wasn’t an option. I just had to preserve this movie in a different medium so that I can still watch it after the last VHS recorder has died, right? Right!

– Over Easter I started my Harry Potter project and re-read the first volume again. How could I have forgotten how much I loved this and how well-written it actually is. It was like coming home, reading about Harry and Hogwarts again. I kinda can’t wait to read the Chamber of Secrets but I’ll have to figure out my thesis crap before I can get into that.

-What else? Oh, I’m still obsessing over Subway to Sally’s MitGift and Delain’s The Human Contradiction at the moment and on Friday Epica’s new album is finally coming out, but I may have to wait another week before I can get it -.- You see at the music front it is a bit boring at the moment.


I guess that was that for this week, and now let’s move on into a (hopefully VERY) productive new one!

Bye guys!


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