Sunday Round Up #21

So. This week was by far less yucky than the last, but it still could have been better (what a spoiled brat I am). Either way I managed to take small steps forward, like finishing my first primary source for the thesis. There is still a lot to work on but here is to celebrating the small victories.

Photo 04-05-2014 22 05 10

1.Make Up Shizz + Pink Is The New Nude
Remember when I was whining about how I didn’t like my make up and nothing felt really right? Well, I took steps to fix that. For one, I went back to the essence I ❤ stage base. It may work not as well as the Maybelline Color Tattoo but it is matte, it suits my skin tone and it works well at concealing my veins on my eyelids in other words it gives me a completely blank canvas.
Step two was to switch from the shimmery blushes to the matte The Perfect Cheek by MAC. This one was a great investment, it gives me the most natural flush.
What else? I switched back to matte or semi matte shadows as well, for some reason I can’t stand the shimmers anymore. My favorite combo was a matte medium gray from an ancient Catrice duo and my essence light brown shadow from the Kalinka Beauty limited edition, that with some smudged black liner and the Miss Manga mascara just really floats my boat at the moment.

I never thought this would happen but I turned away from my concealer nudes to soft ‘my lips but better’ pinks. Favorites here are the Rimmel Airy Fairy/ No 7 High Shine gloss in Smile combo, which I mentioned before and the Catrice absolute moisture in Gentle Nude (this one is not available anymore but if you want to check out a similar shade you may take a look at Catrice’s Gentle Nude is Back).

Photo 04-05-2014 22 03 14

2. Empties
I finished a pack of the Lacura face 3 in 1 cleansing wipes with salicylic acid. They are amazing! My skin in general loves salicylic acid and these wipes leave my skin super soft and clean. Unfortunately you can only get these about twice a year at my Aldi. Yeah, you heard right, some of the Aldi skin care is actually great. I still have another pack of those, but after that I will have to find a replacement *sadface*. I use them when I come back from work to take all the dust and sweat off that has accumulated on my face and decolletage (I have a physically demanding job and I never wear make up at work).

I used up a tube of the L’Oréal EverPure volumizing conditioner. It smelled incredible and it was okay but not really something to write home about. At the moment I am using up the moisturizing conditioner from the same range which is actually a little too rich for my hair at the moment.

Next up I finished a hairmask by Isana, but I didn’t use it on my hair but as a shaving cream and it worked beautifully for that. It is really thick and moisturizing and helped me to get a really close range minus the razor burn. I will definitely pick this up again.

One of my showergel baubles died. The showergel inside smelled like peach and mango and it was really nice but nothing special. I enjoyed it while it lasted but I don’t think I will hunt it down once I am all out of my showergels that I still have in my back up drawer.

Another alverde Body Butter from the christmas limited edition heaved it’s last breath. We all know by now I like these a lot. This particular one smelled like cranberry and chocolate. It was nice and moisturizing but I don’t think I will pick up another one as my next project after finishing my last back up body butter is trying out some of the in-shower lotions.

Last but not least I finished a sample of the Lancome Arome Blue body spray. It smelled nice, but it didn’t wow me so I won’t pick up the full size of this. Also I am more of a Eau de Parfume girl than a body spray girl.

Photo 04-05-2014 22 02 28

3. Media Shizz
Soooo, I caved and I just downloaded the new Epica album ‘The Quantum Enigma’ today. I am on my second run through and DAYUM this is good. They have absolutely outdone themselves. Can’t say more about this just yet, trust me it will be a topic again next week.

I am loving loving loving Delain’s The Human Contradiction and the more I listen to it the more the lyrics grow on me. Delain lyrics have never been trivial or insubstantial but the lyrics on THC are incredibley well articulate and the messages come through loud and clear. Such a gem.

This week was a bit of a movie week. One of my resolutions for 2014 was to watch more movies and this week I watched Dark Shadows (okay but not great) and I will finish Baytown Outlaws again for the umpteenth time tonight. There is a handful of movies that I always come back to, god knows why.

Vikings is currently on German telly and I’m loving it, especially as the ratings are pretty good all things considered. I also loved the season 2 finale. I will not give anything away but yeah, I love Ragnar. That is all.


This is it for this week. Here’s to the next! To a productive, successful new week.




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