The No-Aluminium-Experiment

This may be a bit of an icky, TMI- topic, but a) this is my blog and this is important to me and b) it kinda is about beauty and health, so….

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A couple of weeks ago I switched to aluminium free deodorants. Aluminium and its salts are suspected of causing breast cancer as the body can not reduce the concentration and it remains in the tissue. I have breast cancer cases in the family so the switch was a no-brainer.

And this is where the problems started. I sweat easily. Always have. And I usually rely on the super dry, spread- their- powder- everywhere deodorants or anti-transpirants basically. I have a job that is physically demanding and I tend to be under a lot of stress, to run everywhere and summer is coming. What I’m saying is deodorants have to be heavy duty to keep me happy.

So far I have tried two different aluminium-free deodorants. One is by Isana, the brand of the German drugstore Rossmann the other is by CD a brand that is available in various drugstore- and supermarket chains.

The Isana one is from the Isana med line, claims to keep you fresh for 24 hours, is for ultra sensitive skin and is free of aluminium compounds, alcohol and allergenic scents. Problem #1 with this: it smells kinda dodgy to me. Kinda soapy with a hint sickening. I have no clue why that is. Maybe it has gone bad, maybe it is just me but if you want something that gets you through the day without smelling weird it defeats the purpose when it smells weird in the first place. Problem #2: it didn’t last long enough for me. Around the 6 p.m. mark I got the feeling I started to get smelly, even earlier at work. Super frustrating.

The CD one (the waterlilly scent) also claims to keep you fresh for 24 hours and leave no white residue behind. It is free of mineral oils, silicones, parabens, dye, suitable for vegetarians and cruelty free. It doesn’t say so on my bottle but if you read the ingredients on the back there are no aluminium compounds in the formula (the newer bottles have a sticker on them that says aluminium free). It smells infinitely better, but it too doesn’t last long enough for me. I get sweaty and eventually I get smelly. It works a little better than the Isana one.

I also tried to layer them but that doesn’t make them last longer either.

For now I switched back to deodorants with aluminium compounds. I try to make sure that it is low on the ingredients list (the lower on the list the less compound in the formula). I am currently using the Nivea satin sensation deodorant with kaolin powder and I am quite impressed. Aside from not being aluminium free it ticks all the boxes for me and the kaolin powder really helps. And because I am weird I always have two deodorants on the go, the second one is by DuschDas in the Traumland (dreamland) scent. I used to use this when I was a teenager and it smells sooo good. It comes in the new compressed version which means they found a way to stuff the same amount the can held before into a smaller bottle. Meaning it’s a wee bit better for the environment (um, yeah.) and it’s nicer for carrying around in your handbag.

I know that dm (another German drugstore chain) also has some alunminium free deodorants and I will try them out after I used up the ones that I have on the  go right now, but I have to admit I don’t really have high hopes anymore.

Have you tried any aluminium free deodorants? What was your verdict?


4 thoughts on “The No-Aluminium-Experiment

  1. I used before anti-perspirant in spray and I liked them but then I switched to dry formula because I got irritation from time to time. I have only a rule to wash deo before sleep so skin breathe. Right now my favorite from ordinary (not aluminum free) is Rexona Linen dry. But I read that scientists didn’t find any direct connection between anti-perspirants and breast cancer. it’s more like “may be there is some connection” at least from what I read from scientific articles. I bought deo Balea (free from anything almost:) ) ( ) like two weeks ago. I took with aloe vera, sensitive one as I thought it won’t have any powerfull smell. But actually first time I tried it it was powerfull! It’s not nasty..more like clean soapy smell but I could feel it and this wouldn’t allow me to use perfume as it could mix together. I don’t go with it outside as I tend to sweat easily. If I worry I sweat, for example. I used it several times while I stay at home, the last time it didn’t smell powerfull to me. May be first time I was too sensitive I don’t know:D I don’t think I’d use it if I go on interview or I have stressfull day. It’s not very expensive so I think you can try. They have lots of different fragrances and sensitive one. I think Balea have some wet deo in Med range also. ( )

    • thank you so much for your thoughts! the balea deos and the alverde deos are on my list, i really want to try them soon. as to that there MAY be a connection: i’d just rather not take any chances and if i can find something that works for me, it is such a small adjustment to make and if there is no connection than i just used an aluminium free deodorant over the course of my life 😀

      • You are right. But if to avoid everything that may have the smallest probability to harm we will end using just water..or nothing:D Try Balea definitely, at home it keeps good, I spent all day doing something around home with it. Still didn’t go outside to try:D

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