Sunday Round Up #24: The Consumerist Version

Good Day, Ladies and Gentlemen!

I hope you had a good week, mine was a bit crazy and left me rather scatterbrained, so I’ll try to keep this week’s Sunday Round Up organized but I can’t promise anything.


Photo 23-05-2014 15 40 42

how cute is my little parcel?! ❤

First things first, I won a giveaway on my lovely friend Ginger’s blog and the prize arrived on friday. I won the Manhattan and Only Square Dancer eyeshadow palette which includes a shimmery white, a matte pinky-red, a slightly blue-toned satiny grey and a warmer yet deeper grey. As a little extra present she included two Miss Sporty products: the Mini-me lip liner in 050 Red red wine which is indeed close to my beloved Kate Moss for Rimmel 107. I tried it on today and it is very soft and doesn’t tug on the lips at all, I really enjoyed wearing it. She also included a Miss Sporty Dr Balm Gossip Kiss SOS, which is a very nice sheer tinted lip balm, it smells like melon and is super moisturizing. Unfortunately it arrived here broken but I will fix that, I just haven’t decided if I am going to melt it down completely and put it in a tin or if I can just kinda melt it back on.
And because I am me I already did a little face of the day with the new eyeshadow palette. The colors are nice if a little sheer but that’s nothing a good primer can’t fix.

Photo 25-05-2014 18 39 28

FotD with Manhattan Square Dancer and Kate Moss 107

Photo 25-05-2014 18 25 55 Photo 25-05-2014 18 33 36 Photo 25-05-2014 18 34 29

I love love love my gift, it was such a lovely pick me up to win in the first place and to receive a parcel in the mail is always great, no? Thank you so much, Ginger! ❤

Oh by the way, wanna see me with freaky eyes?

Photo 25-05-2014 18 43 06


There you go. iPhone noir filter at work and no, I don’t have any contacts in.

What else?
I went a bit mental in the stores this week. I picked up the MAC Face&Body foundation which is quite possibly one of my best decisions ever. It is healthy glowy skin in a bottle. Seriously, it is so friggin’ amazing, it lasts all day and it is completely invisible on the skin and super light. I accidently made another friend of mine, The Bookbeauty, buy the foundation as well and she said it goes on like water. Which hits the nail on the head pretty much, but I will stop freaking out right now because I have done that in my haul post already. I know I have quite a bit of redness in my skin at the moment because hormones but once that calms down again, the foundation should be perfect.

On top of that I popped my Under Armour cherry and picked up raspberry pink layering top and a grey v-neck shortsleeve which will come in super handy in the summer because it is a special material that is super light and soft and on top keeps you from sweating. It IS work out gear and I will wear it as such but let’s face it I will wear those tops out and about as well. I am so glad that Under Armour is available in Germany now (even though it pisses me off that everybody and their mother is wearing Under Armour now, when I have been pining for it for years and just couldn’t get it until now, gah.) Next months funds will be sunk in Under Armour as well, fyi. I really need those work out clothes!

Photo 25-05-2014 22 35 26

Oh, and my Veronica Mars movie finally came. I got it from the UK and I am so glad I got it. I loved that movie in German but in English it is even better. And they already announced the second Veronica Mars novel for October ’14, so I am an all around happy marshmallow this week.

Aside from that there is not much more to report. I am re-watching Sons of Anarchy at the moment and it is SO good even though it really messes with your head I find. Still love it though.

Music-wise I’m still stuck on what I’ve been listening to for the past weeks.

I’ve been wanting to include my empties but there are so many and the post is already so long that I decided to put them in an extra post.

And now it is time to put a ginormous tick under this week and move on into a new hopefully mega productive week! Let’s do this!


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