Sunday Round Up #27

Evening, all! Let’s keep this short and sweet, shall we?


1.Being under the weather
I’m sick. For the past couple of days I hadn’t been feeling so great and now it has struck me down. At first I thought I had overdone it with the work out on thursday but my sore throat and my hurting joints say something else. You don’t get those symptoms from working out too much. Ever since friday I feel completely deflated, I don’t even have energy to work out which I find the most disturbing. I feel slightly better today but still not really great. I will try to do the beginner’s total body work out though just to get back into the swing of things.

Photo 12-06-2014 20 01 20

2.Addition to the Max Factor range
My local drugstore got the snazzy new Max Factor counter and lookie here they added a very light shade to their Facefinity 3 in 1 All day flawless foundation which supposedly combines primer, foundation and concealer in one. I wore it once already and this stuff means business: It is high coverage, sets semi-matte and lasts forever. I accidentally slept in it (told you I wasn’t feeling great) and in the morning my face looked exactly the way it looked when I first put the foundation on 9 or 10 hours ago.
The color matches me perfectly aka it perfectly matches my neck since my face is slightly tan from being burned last week. Even though I think it would probably last extremely well in the hot weather we are having right now, I prefer my MAC F&B for these conditions as it is so much lighter and I prefer my face to look like it has nothing on at the moment. Oh by the way, I set it with my transparent powder and it still looked matte in the morning. If you are oily this foundation may be a godsent for you.

Photo 13-06-2014 17 56 33

3. Random
– I paid 60€ to take a test that will prove to my new uni that I speak some English. I studied English lit for Christ’s sake, find the mistake -.-
– I finally put my outline together and pulled a ton of books from the library so I can get fully started into my thesis, yay!
-The cup is on!!! And I am going to watch the first Germany game tomorrow baking pizza with a friend.whoop whoop!
-Mountain Dew? Mountain Dew! My supermarket is currently having a bit of an American invasion. I tried Mountain Dew, I liked Mountain Dew but I feel it is probably really bad for you. I am going to fill the neon green bottles with moist sand to turn them into weights for working out.

Anything else?
– I made my peace with City of Lost Souls. The book is a bit slow but I am really enjoying reading it.
– This is war. No really! In times like these where stuff is piling up and I feel majorly stressed and it is starting to affect my body I turn to music that relaxes me and I remember that a few summers ago 30 Seconds to Mars’ album This is War used to do that to me and it still does. Great album.

That was that. Now let’s all kick some ass next week and get shit done. And get healthy (in my case).


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