Sunday Round Up #28

Time for another short and sweet Sunday Round Up, you know the drill by now 😀 Let’s jump right in:


1. Reverse washing
I just bleached my hair about a week ago (I’m still a little undecided on it but generally I think I like it) and the result is that my hair is dry (d’uh bleach). I’ve been piling on hair masks and oils and this has been helping a lot but a general problem is that working out gives me the urge to wash my hair a lot more often. Having sweat literally dripping sweat from your face and having no dry fiber on your body by the end of the work out will do that to you. Dry hair  and washing often don’t mix all that well. I remembered a tip that Glamlife Guru Tati had on her channel a while back and she said that she read somewhere to reverse wash her hair and that it has worked well for her. What is reverse washing then? Reverse washing is when you put in your conditioner first, let it sink in really well for several minutes, massage it in (even into your scalp), then rinse and THEN you shampoo your hair. This technique has worked really well for me. The shampooing takes the access oil and moisture from the conditioner out of my hair without stripping it from the stuff that has already sunk in, genius! My hair feels really soft and healthy after the shower. Oh another thing: The Balea’s purple shampoo takes out the brassiness and is extremely smoothing and moisturizing for a shampoo plus it smells amazing. I love that stuff!


2. Everything is Germany and nothing hurts
The world cup is on and I am loving it. I’ve been a football fan from a very early age on and having games on every single day is heavenly. Now, being a German fan has proven to be a rollercoaster. The first game was brilliant the second was heart wrenching. And now we have to win against the US or we are in trouble, ugh!
Anyways, being the beauty girl I am I had to play with the German colors a little bit. If you want to now what I did on my nails you can see that on the Sisterhood blog here on my eyes I tried a Germany liner:

Photo 21-06-2014 20 03 22

I used a white eyeliner and a lipliner as the base for gold and red respectively and then set them with yellow (gold) and red powder shadows, the black is my new Manhattan gel liner, which printed a little bit on the upper lid but I usually don’t wear my black liner that high, so it’s okay, next time I’m just gonna set it with black shadow as well. I whacked on black mascara and blended a sheer black through the crease and here we are. I was pretty wonky, but for the first time I guess it was okay. I’ll try again should we reach the best of 16 round (for thursday’s game I am extremely anxious that I won’t be home on time to watch because of work -.-)

Photo 19-06-2014 15 46 45

3. Everything is Pitch Perfect and nothing hurts
When I watched our opener at my friend’s house on monday we watched Pitch Perfect afterwards and I fell for it. It is not the best movie ever made, in fact it has plot holes so big you could park a 14ton truck in, but it is so damn nice. It has great voices and a whole lotta heart. Rebel Wilson is awesome in this and I always liked Anna Camp and Anna Kendrick, so wins all around.
In other media news I am still reading and enjoying City of Lost Souls, I am devouring Mistresses at the moment AND I started season 5 of Sons of Anarchy. You see there is a lot of TV watching going on to help me come down after the stressful days. I’m just glad that I am making progress.


How was your week? I hope it was all you wanted it to be and now let’s all happily and faithfully move on the next, keep fighting all!
Read you later!


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