The Haul of Shame

That went well. I have no excuse. And I feel bad but also happy at the same time.

Photo 18-07-2014 20 17 10

So, Rossmann had 30% off of lipsticks/glosses and nailpolishes, I had a shit week and this is where the tragedy begins. My first slip up was a polish (Catrice Purple Reign) and the incredible Catrice Ultimate Shine Gel Color in License to Pink. It is the deep pink in the picture (I seem to have a bit of a pink moment right now, no clue where that comes from).

I have fallen head over heels for License to Pink. The formula is amazing. It reminds me a bit of my beloved Astor Lipbutters but with a little less slip. The lipstick is super pigmented, moisturizing  and leaves a slight stain aka. it wears off incredibly even and nice. This stuff has a way of making my lips look super plush and smooth. It makes the lips shine but it is more of a creamy shine than a glossy shine, just the way I like it.

The rest of what you can see in the picture above is the damage I did today. (Epicfail -.-).

The other lipstick is Catrice Ultimate Shine in Yes, We Can-dy. It is a warm pink with golden shimmer in it. I am currently gravitating away from beige ‘concealer’ nudes to soft pinks and I already had a look at it during my first haul but left it behind, only to obsess over it for the rest of the week. Now it came home with me and I keep on staring at it . Lovely, I tell you!

The next lip product is the Catrice Beautifying Lip Smoother in 030 Cake Pop. This is very obviously supposed to be a dupe for the Clarins Instant Smooth Lip Perfector (which is still on my wishlist, I can’t help myself). I picked up the Lip Smoother with the ambition to actually use this up and make an effort of having SOMETHING on my lips. As much as I love my lip products (lip product addict tag?) I tend to rush out of the door with eyes and cheeks done but no lip stuff. I’ve been wearing the lip smoother for the past couple of hours and it tastes sweet and leaves my lips super soft. I don’t really have issues with chapped lips anymore since I started to drink enough throughout the day, but it is still nice to have something conditioning on I find.

The nailpolish is a neon pink by Astor Fashion Studio and the new Neo Tribal collection. I really like the Astor polishes but they tend to be a little overlooked, even though the provide great quality for a very reasonable price.

And last but not least Catrice Velvet Matt eyeshadow in Al Burgundy. I covetted this color ever since I saw it in the press release and heard the rave reviews from the Catrice event. The color is a dark plummy burgundy color (it reminds me a bit of Sketch by MAC [which is also on my wishlist -.-]) and the texture is buttery soft. However, I heard from a lot of people that their Al Burgundy shattered easily and I heaved a sigh of relieve when I got mine home in one piece. Not one for travelling I’d say.


What to take away from this other than a couple of pretty beauty products? That I use a crappy week as an excuse to buy stuff. This has to stop. I have to find other ways to make myself feel better. What do you do to make yourselves feel better that has nothing to do with buying stuff? I’d love to hear about your habits!


2 thoughts on “The Haul of Shame

  1. Ich versuche es so zu machen, dass ich während des Kaufstopps halt nur Sachen nachkaufe, z.B. wenn ich so einen “Retail Therapy” Tag hab 😉 kaufe ich mir jetzt kein Kosmetikprodukt mehr… sondern z.B. eine Maske oder Haarkur (diese kleinen Packungen), das ist dann schnell verbraucht und ich kann’s wieder nachkaufen 😀 ansonsten betreibe ich erst mal bis nächstes Jahr Window-Shopping.
    Ich denke, es ist bestimmt auch ganz gut, sich einen Zeitraum auszusuchen, bei mir es eben Ende Dezember (zu Weihnachten gönne ich mir was). Man kann ja auch mit einer Woche starten und sich längere Zeiten “antrainieren” 🙂

    • das mit der maske /haarkur ist ne gute idee! ich hab den monat im prinzip als zeitrahmen wegen der jobpause. kein geld-keine retailtherapy 😀 aber ich will versuchen langfristig mein kaufverhalten zu ändern, aber babysteps sind wahrscheinlich wirklich der beste ansatz. was ich auch versuche bei ‘retail therapy’ anflügen: ich kaufe mir gesunde snacks, nüsse etc. dann hab ich was zu naschen was aber nicht katastrophal zu buche schlägt, weder auf der wage noch auf dem konto 😀

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