Products I regret buying September 2014

I know, I know, negativity and such, but sometimes you have to address those things. Especially when they are as annoying as this trio but let’s start:

Photo 05-10-2014 22 45 50

So a while ago I got sick and tired of my shimmery Maybelline Color Tattoo as a base and I craved something matte. I remembered that I still had an essence I ❤ Stage schadow base, which albeit not having the staying power of the Color Tattoo still does a fine job at creating an even base for my eyeshadows.
The problems began when I ran out of my I ❤ Stage. I remember I bought this when it first came out and it worked really well with my skin tone despite being slightly too dark. Now, I picked up a new one – and was shocked. It is really dark and orange. I thought maybe it would just blend in after a while… nah, it didn’t. I was left with an orange blotch on my eye. Completely unusable, especially under lighter colors. I will now toss a barely used tube into the trash. Very upsetting.

Product number two is the Manhattan Eyemazing Liner in Blueless. I love the Eyemazing liner in black, it is one of the best I have ever used and I think I will repurchase it when I run out because it has been lasting me for a couple of months now despite regular use. The blue one however? Bad. This is the second blue liquid liner pen that severely stained my lids, despite an eyeshadow base and a layer of eyeshadow underneath. I had to take regular soap to my eyelids to get rid of the stain and again in the morning because more came out over night. How does something like that get released on the market? Who wants to run around with blue line on their eyes after they have already washed off their eye make up? I don’t get it. Again really upsetting as these liners don’t come cheap (for drugstore anyways) either. Again. Barely used product goes to the trash can.

And the by far most annoying one (if you can believe it) goes to the new essence gel eye pencil in blue (doesn’t seem to have a name). For one, it opened in my bag on my way home and left smudges on my school stuff. Thank god, there was no library book in there. Secondly, when I tried to use it, it was really imprecise and stumpy, it dragged on my eyelids, crumbled and was just really really dry. I don’t know if it dried out like this when it was open for like 1.5 hrs in my bag or if it  just was dry like that. Either way it is unusable.

This means roughly 9€ are going to the trash today. If it came down to user error, I would chalk it up to just being my fault and the I ❤ stage is per se not a bad product but you have to be a lot darker then me to be able to use it (which the lighting in the store didn’t really give away) the other two are just really not performing well. I will not tell you not to buy them but be aware of what they can be like.

On another note, October is both Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence Awareness Month. In an effort to revive this blog I will dedicate this month to all things pink and purple as these are the respective colors for the causes. There will be make ups, lipsticks and nailpolishes and whatever else I can come up with. Both causes are really dear to my heart, so let this be my way to contribute. In order to get some rhythm to my life I am going to assign at least one  day out of the week for work on this blog. Blogposts for this blog tend to take longer to create than the quick blips for the nailpolish blogs, so sometimes I struggle making the time I need to produce as best a content as I possibly can. Please bear with me. The Kaufstop/Perfect Stash- series will hope to god also start this month.

One thought on “Products I regret buying September 2014

  1. Totally agree on eyeshadow base. I used it some time and then I decided it’s not only orangey but also irritate skin enar my eyes and I throw it. Good it’s not expensive:)

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