[The Perfect Stash] Skin Care

With my Kaufstop came also the necessity to figure out what I really need and what is either a gimmick or a special (unnecessary) extra. This poses a massive problem for me in the color make up department but with skin care it is relatively easy. Below I accumulated all the products that I deem necessary to keep my skin healthy. My skin is combination dry/very oily and blemish prone. I came up with a slot system. That means, I need all the product groups below, the actual products may get switched out every now and again though, but at the moment I am very happy with what I have. I am not a skin care expert, by no means at all, this is just what I worked out for myself.
Let’s dig into this:

Step 1: Cleansing

Morning cleanser:
For the morning I prefer a light, gentle-ish cleanser. Something that is not too abrasive. I do want to remove the night oils and sweats but I don’t want to go to town with my skin. Because my skin is blemish prone and works best with salicylic acid I like for this to be a component in my cleaning products.

At the moment I am using a Synergen deep clean gel cleanser.

Nighttime cleanser:
At night I like to go for a double cleanse, especially when I’ve worn make up throughout the day. To remove my make up I like cream cleansers or milks. At the moment I am using the Rival de Loop Make Up remover balm. Dirt cheap and gets everything off. Another good one is the bebe young care cleansing milk+toner for dry and sensitive skin.

For my second cleanse I am going in with a creamy exfoliator. I quite like having a physical exfoliator and my skin really likes it, too. The best one I have tried so far is the anti-blackhead one from Neutrogena. I always come back to this one. I need a second one though because I’ve got the feeling that these creamy exfoliators seem to stop working on me after a while, which means after I finished one up I want to rotate in a new one but I haven’t found one yet that I liked (or liked as much as the Neutrogena one)

Step 2: Toning

I do that day and night after cleansing. It seems to refresh and soothe my skin while being an extra cleansing step. At the moment I am using the essence Clear Skin toner again with salicylic acid. It leaves my skin clean but lightly moisturized. I also got a little sample of the La Roche-Posay Effaclar toner at my pharmacy and quite like this one as well. I hope the sample means that the toner will be available soon in Germany. Fingers crossed.

Step 3: Moisturizing

Day creams:
My holy grail day cream is the Diadermine Lift+SPF 30. It keeps my skin moisturized and healthy while it also helps to protect my skin and gives it a healthy glow.It is not overly heavy though, and the sun screen doesn’t clog my pores. I apply this every morning before leaving the house. I don’t sweat under this cream, which is a big pet peeve of mine.

My second day cream is a Garnier Hautklar moisturizer for blemish prone skin. It is very lightweight and contains salicylic acid. Why two day time moisturizers? Some days I like to cleanse my face the second I come home (because I have a miniature Caroline Hirons in my ear telling me to do so. Wouldn’t that be nice? A pocket-size Caroline Hirons for everyone? Sass and skincare knowledge and everything? [My imagination is slightly disturbing sometimes, sorry]). In those cases I don’t want to put my heavy duty sunscreen on again, I’d rather have something really really lightweight and that is where the Garnier moisturizer comes in. I am aware that this one is dancing on a very thin ridge between luxury and necessity.

Night cream:
For one I am a complete night cream convert. The difference I see in my skin when I use one as opposed to not using one or using a day cream is blatant. I am currently using the Diadermine Lift+Nutrition Night which is targeted at dry skins but mine loves it nonetheless. It drinks it right up but there is still a light layer over my skin, which I quite like at night because it feels to me like there is real protection going on. When I wake up in the morning my skin is clear, plump and completely devoid of redness and it helps to heal spots when I have some going on. I had similar results with the L’Oréal Hydra Active night cream but so far I like the Diadermine better.

Eye cream(s):
At the moment I am using a deluxe sample of the Clarins Eye Contour Balm at night and the Rival de Loop moisturizing cream gel in the morning. At the moment I don’t know what I will do once I run out of the Clarins sample. The cream gel I will definitely repurchase, because it is really hydrating and refreshing on my skin. I don’t think I will repurchase the Clarins though, because it doesn’t seem to do anything for my eye area other than moisturizing it. I may get a richer eye cream for night time, though because I quite like the thought of having something rich and replenishing for the night.

Step 4: Extras

I try to do a face mask once a week at the moment especially when I have PMS skin. In those moments I like deep cleansing and soothing masks. At the moment I have three or four different ones in these little saches in my stash. I just cycle through those and replace them when they are on offer in my local drugstore. I don’t consider them an essential but they are really nice to have every now and again.

Cleansing wipes:
And here is something else that is not really necessary but nice to have. I am loving the Lacura wipes with salicylic acid (seriously, how many times have I typed salicylic acid in this post? -.-) I use them very rarely to remove my make up at night when I am really tired (miniature!Caroline Hirons slaps my wrist) but normally I use them to freshen up throughout the day when I am not wearing make up. Lovely in the summer!

Now here’s the rundown of my perfect skincare stash:

Necessary products:

1x light cleanser
1x make up remover
1x heavy duty cleanser

1x toner

1x day cream+sunscreen
1x extremely lightweight day cream
1x night cream

1x eye cream
(1x night eye cream)

+face wipes

What’s your perfect stash skincare- wise? Any holy grail products?


One thought on “[The Perfect Stash] Skin Care

  1. I have recently (think it was last weekend) seen the La Roche-Posay Effaclar toner in a pharmacy here (yes, the big size!) so I guess it’d be safe to say you will be able to get this if you really want it 😉

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