New Year’s Resolutions 2015 Books, Beauty, Life and #Project100Days


– Finish reading all the books that are currently open in my Goodreads to read box

– Finish at least one of the ones in the to read box before starting a new one

– Read all the books that I borrowed from people (DO NOT borrow new ones until the ‘old ones’ are done)

– 2015 Goodreads Challenge: 25 books


– Use up before buying new – NO EXCUSES

– Be better about my skin care routine

-Further reduce my make up and nail polish collection


– Cut the carbs

– Work out 3-4 times a week

– Blog at least once a week

– Be organized and proactive


The lovely bookbeauty started her #Project100Days  from today until April (10th) and I thought: What the heck I’ll hop on the bandwaggon, even though I am going to adapt it a little bit to my needs.

My #Project100Days will mostly consist of a buying ban because I need to break some habits here. I’ve been banging on about it but I really want to keep it up for the 100 days and then go from there.

The buying ban encompasses books (exception: the new Veronica Mars book which is to come out in 3 weeks and is already pre-ordered), make up and cosmetics (exception is a small list of things from that I want to get in the big Catrice/essence sales that are coming up and obviously necessities that I have run out of) and DVDs (exception here is The Croods, which is already on it’s way here and pretty much mandatory for any American football fan out there). And last but not least I am cutting candy. I don’t know how I am going to go about this, because I know my body will go on sugar withdrawles and I have no clue how to break those without stuffing my face with gummybears in the middle of the night. If you have any tips I’d be happy to read them.

For me #Project100Days is about finding happiness in what I have and breaking the drive to fix anything that is amiss with consumerism. This is about longterm happiness and focusing on what is truly important (to me) over of what just scratches the itch for like 5 seconds and to a degree it is about who I am versus who I want to be, after all we have just this one life to get it right.

I’m sorry if it sounds preachy  but I feel like I have been getting really good at figuring out what really makes me happy over the past months and then sticking with it. I had to or I would have lost my mind. I’m just done being lenient with things and people and it is quite liberating.

On a happier note: I hope you all had lovely holidays and a safe positive start into 2015. May it be better in every way than 2014.


2 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions 2015 Books, Beauty, Life and #Project100Days

  1. Wegen der Süßigkeiten, wenn mich so ein Heißhunger überkommt, mache ich mir einen Bananenshake mit Datteln und Pflaumen, die sind super süß. Oder es gibt auch diese Riegel mit Datteln als Hauptzutat (ohne Zucker).
    Es braucht allerdings so einige Zeit, bis man das als “süß” wahrnimmt, ich hab zwei Wochen lang total auf Süßes (auch Fruchtzucker) verzichtet, es ging mir in den 2 Wochen echt übel… aber danach waren meine Geschmacksnerven wie ausgewechselt.

    Und schön, dass du auch beim 100 Tage Project mitmachst 🙂 ich hab auch öfters im letzten Jahr nur Kleinigkeiten eingekauft, weil es mich in dem Moment glücklich machte, quasi Borderlin Kaufsucht & Kleinvieh macht ja auch Mist… ich probiere es jetzt 100 Tage aus & drücke uns die Daumen 🙂 wirst du auch ein Tagebuch drüber führen?

    • das muß ich mir merken mit den datteln. vor dem zucker entzug hab ich am meisten angst, das wird am schwersten.

      ich weiß noch nicht genau wie ich es handhabe, aber ich denk ich werde auch alle paar tage ein update machen, schon alleine um mich bei der stange zu halten…

      ich drück uns such die daumen, wir schaffen das 😊

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